Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

  • Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate is an elegant coalescence of eras and design narratives anchored by its garden.

    A jewel-like curation of colours, textures and materials, Malvern Residence II, is unified by a sage clarity. In a renovation journey that began as a new butler’s pantry and blossomed to harness a complete reimagining of the home, Studio Tate have woven a warm and nurturing interior sensibility by consistently connecting back to the natural landscape.

    Throughout the modest-sized home, an antipodean collection of artwork and objects from the client’s years of travel brings a storytelling essence and vivid personality to the home. The timeless domestic sentiment of oak floors intricately laid in a chevron pattern also balances the rich narrative of ornate wood and plasterwork, gilded picture frames and blushing floral soft furnishings.

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    The selection of green Esmeralda quartzite from Signorino for the kitchen inspired a tonal palette of sage and eucalypt tones, complemented by refined brass details as seen in the Rakumba Highline Pendant by Archier and the rangehood concealer. Other pieces in this space include the Grazia&Co Diiva Swivel Stool and Gubi Beetle Dining Chair. Artwork: Happy Hour by Antonia Mrljak from James Makin Gallery.

    Malvern Residence II has emerged from a process that mediates between beauty and purpose. Key planning moves have enhanced functionality and amenity to support the clients’ current lifestyle, considering their changing needs as they move into their senior years.

    While the home’s front rooms abide by contemporary cottage notes, the kitchen and dining space tilt towards a much more modern aesthetic. An over-scaled island bench is a reorientation of the ‘country kitchen table’, a hard-working preparation surface and intuitive gathering point for friends and family. A luxurious bar with brass mesh inlays supports the clients’ love of entertaining, inviting guests to unwind and settle in. Bridging this space and the living area is a continuation of earthy green tones, a preference for traditional materials used in innovative ways, and a constant accord with the garden outside.

    Further changes to the home’s functionality ensure its faithful adherence to changing lifestyle patterns as time goes by. The laundry has been expanded to accommodate additional fridges and a linen store, while the butler’s pantry has been replanned to house a sink and dishwasher. The ensuite has been up-scaled to deliver a large walk-in shower with a stone-clad seat, while Studio Tate rearranged the tertiary bathroom to give further clarity and useability.

    Just as the garden outside shifts with the changing seasons, Malvern Residence II has been renovated with thought for the future, imbued with a charm that sits outside of trend to evoke its owners’ personalities while also responding to their particular patterns of living.

    The kitchen features Miele appliances and Linear Standard handles. Studio Tate specified Graupa floorboards from Tongue n Groove throughout.

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    Views to the garden are framed by panelled French sliding doors, flooding the interior with natural light and allowing a seamless indoor/outdoor connection. The living space features the Fogia Bollo Armchairs and Fritz Hansen Ro Armchair.

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    The Triple Dripple Vessel by Kirsten Perry

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    Custom panelling reinterpreted as cabinet fronts, mirror panels and wall cladding, crafts a cohesive language between spaces. In the bedroom, richly coloured bed linen from Bedouin Societe and the Alvar Aalto Bell Wall Light reflect the vibrant florals outside against a cool neutral palette.

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    Catifa Up Chair by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper and the Linear Standard Graf Knob.

    Carried throughout Malvern Residence II is an engagingly fanciful tempering between vibrant warmth and calm austerity. Rooms devoted to the daily minutiae  of life – laundry, bathrooms and bedrooms – are intuitive and precise, while the homes gathering spaces are indulgently expressive. Forever binding the two is a consistency in the use of key materials and colours which provide breathing space around the more dynamic furniture, lighting and artwork choices making this a memorable and charming home.

    Malvern Residence II shows Studio Tate’s skill in balancing period details with contemporary inflections. The compact home is confidently layered with colour, print, texture and detail while maintaining a sense of repose, from planning down to the finest details. The result is a finely crafted residence that is a true reflection of its clients; spirited, warm and hospitable.

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    The entry features the Lumi Wall Sconce by Articolo Lighting, a deep garnet front door and traditional floor tiles reflective of the homes origins from Old English Tiles.

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    Vibrant purple Gubi Beetle Dining Chairs in the dining space.

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