Malvern House by Beatrix Rowe

  • Intertwining tradition with a contemporary connection, Malvern House handsomely employs organic curves and the arc to infuse a sense of whimsy. Beatrix Rowe and her team reimagine the interiors of this grand dame, suitably capturing the generous spirit of the heritage home and emphasising its existing charm.

    Sitting comfortably in its Malvern locale, the same-named home becomes illuminated with a new light for its young and growing family. In maintaining the spirit of the original home and its ornately detailed castings and cornices, the new insertions are conceived from a similar artisanal approach.

    Ensuring the home could evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its owners over time, the planning needed to allow for an embedded sense of flow and connection while also being flexible. As a result, the new works see both a renovation of the existing and a liberal expansion to create a series of spaces that support one another.

    Aligning on a north-eastern axis across the site, block-work and stone walls transition to, through and out to the curated garden settings. The encasing of the home in such darkened timber battens ensures a subdued and recessive form is inserted in place, sensitively among the more formal and natural foliage that surrounds.

    The fireplace is clad in CDK Portsea Grey stone, with the J19 sculpture on top.

    Clean lines and quality crafted elements come together to sculpt the new open living spaces, connecting to the old through its refinement and rigour. The living space features the Fat-Fat and Lady-Fat Ottoman.

    A shared expression of honesty of materials and comprising parts ensures each of the grouped spaces within the home are connected by purpose and tonality. While the rich textures and contrasting finishes elevate the contemporary elements of the home, they match the detailing originally intended, as a celebration of the handmade.

    By emphasising natural light and embracing opportunities to connect outward, the home engages with its site as much as possible. The interior spaces become animated through shadows and the moving light throughout the day and encourage a free flow internally and outside. Through its measured approach, Malvern House optimises its heritage and scale, allowing the additions and insertions by Beatrix Rowe to feel beautifully and consciously considered.

    Connected through generously wide corridors and circulation zones, Malvern House is a home of abundance and grace.

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