Malvern East House by Pleysier Perkins

  • More often than not, it’s century-old homes that are crying out for a modern overhaul. But in a street lined with homes more than double its age, it was this brick veneer’s turn for a freshen up. Despite being one of the newest residents on the block (built in the 80s) it was time to reinvent the home’s outdated status. Enter local practice Pleysier Perkins, who have gracefully brought the home into a new era of family living.

    DESIGN Pleysier Perkins | STYLIST Kate Lee | PHOTOGRAPHY Dan Hocking

    Among heritage houses, the single-level home stands unobtrusive to the traditional streetscape. Sympathetic to the previous owner – who had designed and built the home himself – the existing structure and character was largely retained. Keeping the home as a single storey dwelling, the only addition was a master bedroom suite. But preserving the feel and flow that originally attracted the clients to the house required a layout update for its young inhabitants. Prioritising functionality, Pleysier Perkins have opened up the living spaces and segmented the bedrooms to create a strong visual link to the garden. The design also inserts new openings and windows for a growing family to bask in natural light and enjoy a summer breeze with ease.

    Upon entry, the timber pivot door sets the tone for modernisation in scale and simplicity, making it clear from the beginning Pleysier Perkins have introduced a new material palette to let the quality do the talking. Offsetting the white-washed brick walls are black fixtures, fittings and frames, mixed with dabbles of teal that bring a serene quality to each space. Departing from the red brick façade, stucco render and timber soften the exterior. Needless to say, keeping it simple is an undertaking Pleysier Perkins know well.

    The brick veneer has certainly turned its back on the 1980s and to no better effect. Befitting to its youthful owners, the Malvern East home is now a modernist marvel ready to meet the needs of a young family. For a house of modest size, it is more spacious than the clients thought possible, and more peaceful than ever expected.

    “There is deliberate zoning between the parent’s wing, public areas and kid’s zone. This enables a degree of order which limits the stress within a young clan.”

    – Pleysier Perkins


    Modernist elements that intuitively reflect a muted palette.

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