Maison&Objet Honour Mathieu Lehanneur as Designer of the Year

  • The upcoming January edition of Maison&Objet, a bi-annual international design fair focused on lifestyle, decoration, and home furnishings, will honour French multidisciplinary Mathieu Lehanneur as ‘Designer of the Year.’

    Mathieu Lehanneur is regarded as a ‘radical multidisciplinary creative’ for his innovative approach to design. Surrounding himself with scientists, engineers, and craftsmen, he has built a career based on a wide range of projects, from product design to architecture and artwork installations to technological objects. Blurring the intersection between art and design, Lehanneur is known for incorporating the elements of science, technology, and nature within his work.

    An advocate for experimentation and exploration of new creative fields, Lehanneur’s standout pieces include his cascading waterfall of lights, Les Cordes Chandelier and his Ocean Memories Collection of rippled furniture and sculptures that mimic the appearance of bioluminescent organisms found in the ocean.

    In recognition of his title as Maison&Objet’s Designer of the Year 2024, Lehanneur will curate an exclusive project in January on the theme of “new autonomy”. His installation ‘OUTONOMY’ aims to deliver an ambitious, disruptive, and deeply poetic space that will inspire visitors to rethink our cohabitation with the living world in a more optimistic way and inspire new conversations around ways of living amid nature while combining aesthetics and comfort.

    Stay tuned for est living’s on-the-ground coverage at Maison&Objet Autumn/Winter from Thursday, 18 January to Monday, 22 January 2024.

    “In our world saturated with objects, materials have always been there since the dawn of time. I experiment with these to make them say something else, something magical.”


    – Mathieu Lehanneur

    The Pillars console and Pocket Ocean wall sculpture designed by Mathieu Lehanneur.

    The Inverted Gravity bedside table designed by Mathieu Lehanneur.

    Multidisciplinary designer Mathieu Lehanneur in his atelier.

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