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  • As the second-largest city in France after Paris, Lyon is famous for its way of life and its outstanding cuisine tradition. Both elegant and alive, the city of Lyon exudes the very essence of the French style and attitude. It was near the Place Bellecour, a large square in the centre of Lyon surrounded by interior design showrooms and design stores, that Benedicte and her husband stumbled across their future family home.

    PHOTOGRAPHY Anne Catherine Scoffoni

    Built in 1900, the two hundred square metre apartment reflects both the surrounding areas charm and the family of six that live here. Purchased in 2015, Benedicte carried out minor refurbishment of the home in order to adapt it to her own particular style and taste. “It was not a complicated refurbishment, rather more like a re-working – so the whole process took less than two months. The flat had been renovated only 10 years ago and just needed to be adapted to our family’s needs” explains Benedicte.

    Upon first entering the home both Benedicte and her husband were instantly struck by the expansive volume of the interior. “We could immediately picture ourselves living in it” recalls Benedicte. Respecting the original structures, volumes and details of the flat were paramount in the renovation with particular attention being paid to paint colous and replacing the existing floors with solid wood parquetry in order to bring some modernity to the predominantly classical aesthetic. The once dull interior has since been transformed into an harmonic integration of classic french style with a contemporary edge.

    Spacious and with large oversized windows, the apartment is both colorful and calm and in turn inspires a relaxed ambience throughout. Here every living space has been given its own identity using a different colour on the wall. The plinths, doors, mouldings and ceilings have been kept white in order to add a certain luminosity to the whole. Strong, yet elegant tones have been used on the walls to delineate rooms throughout.

    Flooring together with a selection of furniture has been carefully chosen in natural, pure and simple materials with hardwood, linen and metal being the predominant materials used here. In exchange, glass, porcelain and rattan details are dotted throughout the home and provide an ethereal and delicate touch. “Above all, I wanted the house to be inspiringly beautiful, but comfortable and liveable. My unconditional goals were light and comfort.”, says Benedicte.

    This feature originally appeared in issue 23 of Est Magazine. Read the issue in full here.

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