Lo & Co in Collaboration with Creative Claire Delmar

Lo & Co co-owners Arielle Lopresti and Teegan Cocchiaro collaborate with Studio CD founder Claire Delmar to craft their latest ‘Line Series’ collection of hardware.

Lo & Co. is an Australian-owned architectural hardware company that specialises in crafting products based on modern design principles. The female-led duo behind this business pride themselves on creating bespoke touchpoints for the home that set them apart from the ordinary.

Sharing these common design principles and a similar aesthetic vision with leading Australian designer Studio CD founder Claire Delmar, Lo & Co co-founders Arielle Lopresti and Teegan Cocchiaro reached out to collaborate; culminating in their recent hardware collection, ‘Line Series’.

The successful design partnership resulted in a collection of handles and knobs divided into ‘Outline’ and ‘Inline’, each of which has been influenced by organic shapes and derives inspiration from a combination of personal experiences and architectural expressions between the three creatives. “This collaboration has been a special one for us as this is the second time Lo & Co and Claire Delmar have worked closely together. Claire styled our recently opened Sydney showroom designed by Alexander & Co.” Teegan says. “Our growing relationship with Claire has led to the beautiful Line Series collection, and we are thrilled to finally share it with everyone”.

In partnership with Lo & Co

“The 'Outline' and 'Inline' handles draw inspiration from both experiences and architectural expression creating a blend of style and functionality.”


The Lines Series of products is produced in Lo & Co’s signature Tumbled Nickel and Tumbled Brass finishes and includes levers, knobs, and handles that provide a tactile touchpoint perfect for cabinetry and entryways. “The design journey of this range encompassed pen-and-paper sketches, followed by 2D and 3D modelling, and a collaborative effort with Lo & Co during the final production phase,” Claire says. “Each handle has been designed and produced as perfect focal pieces for any project. The series represents an ideal selection for architects, interior designers, stylists, and homemakers looking to complement their space with distinctive architectural hardware.”

Arielle believes that what sets Claire apart from the rest is her “Natural talent for crafting spaces with lasting significance and transcending design trends,” she says. “Her passion and dedication to design are distinct in her timeless spaces that utilise an array of tones, textures, and colours.”

Lo & Co co-owners Arielle Lopresti and Teegan Cocchiaro with Studio CD founder and designer Claire Delmar.

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