Breathing Life into the Bathroom with Limewash Paint

We explore why the art of natural limewash paint makes for an environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing finish in the bathroom.

Originating in Perth, Australia, and globally available, limewash paint company Bauwerk Colour specialises in natural, non-toxic limewash paint inspired by nature and driven by an ancient Mediterranean art form.

A natural alternative to acrylic paints, the biodynamic qualities of limewash paint make it suitable for bathroom walls and ceilings. Well suited for crafting a calming ambience in any wet room environment, Bauwerk limewash paint is made from limestone and natural pigments, making it breathable in high-humidity spaces such as the bathroom. In turn, these characteristics help to prevent mould and mildew growth and contribute to a healthier environment in the home.

Not only does limewash paint hold antimicrobial properties, offer water resistance, and is a sustainable finish, but it also presents a beautifully soft, textured finish with a subtle matte variation – making it a firm aesthetic favourite among today’s leading designers.

As a versatile and visually bespoke finish in the bathroom, we take a closer look at how limewash paints can be applied to wet zone surfaces.

Produced in partnership with Bauwerk

“Our Limewash paint is not just suitable for high-humidity environments, it thrives in these demanding conditions and offers several benefits compared to other finishing products.”


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