Kolon Loft by Norm Architects

  • Multidisciplinary Danish design firm Norm Architects revive a charming Copenhagen loft in collaboration with Danish cabinetmakers Kolon.

    Founded in 2008, Norm Architects have established a reputation for successfully bringing the Danish design legacy into a modern era. Be it a product, a home, or a commercial space – all of their projects share a natural, subdued palette and reflect a distinctly Danish approach to how design shapes our everyday. 

    Their latest project, looking out over Copenhagen’s Gentofte Lake in the city’s north, reflects the tranquillity of its surroundings. The Kolon Loft is a nod to traditional Nordic craftsmanship, as Norm Architects joined forces with renowned Danish cabinetmakers Kolon to let each subtle design detail speak for itself. 

    The Kolon Loft has a calm, light-filled study nook with recessed shelving designed by Danish cabinet makers Kolon.

    As a design firm, Norm Architects believe “staircases are not just connecting our homes in the most practical way; they can also be a sculptural and exciting architectural element”.

    The Kolon Loft offers an escape from Copenhagen’s bustling CBD. Refurbishing the first floor of the loft, Norm Architects have maximised space to establish a quiet and coherent atmosphere for a family through their signature approach: being as expressive as possible, with as little as possible. “The entire first floor has been fully renovated and completed with a bespoke interior, creating a calm refuge for the family to retreat to in a world full of stimulation,” Norm Architects founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen says.

    A recurring theme in Norm Architects’ projects is timber and textural finishes. The interior palette takes cues from the natural beauty of wood; light oak herringbone flooring, deep walnut cabinetry and raw timber beams overhead. “By combining different types of wood, distinctive atmospheres emerge; from the muted and protecting feeling of the dark tones to the light and elegant sensation in the open areas, creating a dynamic and stimulating home,” Jonas says. 

    Founded by Frits Jensen, who began inventing hinge systems, Danish cabinet makers Kolon have been creating cabinetry since 1972. The family-owned company’s work is often recognised by the signature Kolon hinge that features two exposed dots. In the bathroom, Kolon crafted a walnut cabinet that envelopes striking marble sourced from Borderstone and brass fittings from German designer DornbrachtExpressive stone counterbalances the softness of linen and leather in the bedroom, where artisanal details such as the Kolon wardrobes and window seat with drawers reflect the bathroom cabinetry. 

    The collaboration between Kolon and Norm Architects also reveals itself in the study, through the recessed shelving and custom desk. “When recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, that’s when everything comes together to form a balanced space; when design mirrors the architecture and vice-versa,” Jonas explains. 

    Nodding to the loft’s original, historic features, Norm Architects have led an interior renovation in collaboration with Kolon, which has quality craftsmanship at its core – a theme that ribbons through each and every space.

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