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    Making an entrance on the local design scene in 2011, men and women’s fashion brand Kloke has seen success mirror its growing collection. Featured in the latest issue of est magazine, founder and owner of Kloke Adam and Amy Coombes decided it was time to expand and showcase the full breadth of their range. Located in inner city Melbourne, their second flagship store is a melting pot of innovation and minimalist design — a retail environment that accurately re-appropriates Kloke’s design values, courtesy of Architect David Goss.

    DESIGN David Goss | PHOTOGRAPHY Ben Glezer

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    Inspired by a keen interest between client and architect in brutalist architecture, the store is a sculptural feast from floor to ceiling. The design encourages any visitor to become lost in a sensory experience. A firm link between their first store is the lush green foliage and refined metalwork, alongside a fascination with texture. It is hard to look away from the tactile elements, achieved through stucco finishes, layered by the smoothness of concrete render and the softness of white mahogany. Without a doubt, the interior encapsulates the brand’s focus on detailed finishes and durable materials while keeping to a restrained palette. It’s a shopping experience not to be missed and unlikely to be forgotten.

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    ‘We talked a lot about materials, and sampled various textures & techniques throughout the process to make sure we achieved the right balance.’

    — Architect David Goss

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    ‘The aim was to convey a sense of mass, as if the space has been carved out of a cast as a single, sculptural object.’

    — Architect David Goss

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