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  • Colour has the capacity to stir emotions, influence perceptions and enhance the sensorial experience of space. In the kitchen, navy blue has the power to cut through the industrious energy at the heart of the home, instilling a calm and enduring elegance.

    Master of colour psychology, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, famously stated that “colours are the mother tongue of the subconscious,” with navy blue eliciting feelings of comfort and elegance. It’s no wonder then that blue’s darkest shade creates an atmosphere in the kitchen that is intrinsically linked with domesticity yet distinctly design-focused. We shine a spotlight on eight kitchens defined by navy blue and its unique ability to temper metals, amplify the elemental qualities of natural stone and native timbers, and bring soulful equilibrium to each colour of the spectrum.

    La Casa Rosa by Luigi Rosselli Architects & Arent&Pyke

    This Gothic revival in Bronte demonstrates the incredible breadth of expression navy blue holds. In the kitchen at La Casa Rosa, the texture and grain across a wall of charred timber joinery radiate with purple, silver and deep blue working in perfect synergy with the blue veining of a marble island. Arent&Pyke lean on navy’s traditional ambience to forge an emotional connection between the new extension at the rear by Luigi Rosselli Architects, which mediates between contemporary residential dialogues and the intricate period details of the existing residence.

    Armadale Residence by Pleysier Perkins and Sanders & King.

    Melbourne architecture firm Pleysier Perkins and interior design studio Sanders & King have leveraged the authoritative nature of navy blue in the kitchen at Armadale Residence. As a result, the kitchen is now a dignified space befitting a family of five. Its delectable palette of navy and walnut cabinetry, buttery tan leather, marble and white tiles thoughtfully employs materials reminiscent of the home’s era in a contemporary fashion. The outcome is an open, light-filled space that is firmly established by its moodier hues.

    Killara House by Hugh-Jones Mackintosh.

    Sydney-based designers Hugh-Jones Mackintosh transformed a neo-Georgian house on Sydney’s North Shore through classic details, timeless pieces, and navy blue’s unifying presence. Light and airy rooms are mellowed by the darker notes of navy which is felt strongest in the kitchen. Soaring ceiling heights, crisp white walls, pewter tapware, and an extensive marble benchtop balance the backdrop of classic blue, which softly diffuses light and acts as a cornerstone for navy accents continued throughout.

    Earth, Wind and Fire by Luigi Rosselli Architects.

    Taking its name from its liberal use of rammed earth, The Earth, Wind and Fire Home demonstrates an entirely novel approach to renovation. In its expansive new kitchen space, the sumptuous navy cabinetry was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects’ Monica Vogel Santos and the finishes selected by Alexandra Donohoe Church of Decus Interiors. The colour works to knit the two design sentiments, acting as a timeless mediator between the home’s period, contemporary and elemental qualities.

    Malvern East House by Eliza Blair Architecture and studio mkn

    Behind a 1960s apricot brick facade, Eliza Blair Architecture, in collaboration with studio mkn, have created a refreshingly modern home that uses the illusory depths of navy blue within an otherwise light palette to increase spatial perception in a tight footprint. The kitchen at Malvern East House uses vertical planes and an exaggeration of height to introduce soaring volumes with deep navy full-height joinery between the lightness of the floor and raked ceiling planes to draw the eye upwards.

    Surry Hills House by Fiona Lynch

    A deserved nominee in the 2018 Dulux Colour Awards, Surry Hills House by Fiona Lynch perfectly leverages the sensory qualities of colour to orchestrate aesthetics and atmosphere thoughtfully. Through the intentional avoidance of colour and texture to conjure a sense of depth and space in every area but the kitchen, the sudden introduction of a bold navy palette beside the striking opulence of brass and terrazzo makes a true statement. 

    Plain English

    English cupboard makers Plain English are no stranger to blue’s success within the kitchen space. With their work heavily influenced by Georgian design and its enduring affinity within modern domestic spaces, many of their projects include navy blue for its transportive capacity to draw the traditional craftsmanship, techniques and joinery templates into the 21st century. The conservative strength and timeless quality of navy acts as a bridge between period architecture and contemporary lifestyles.

    Cobble Hill Townhouse Kitchen by Elizabeth Roberts Architects & Eyeswoon

    Athena Calderone’s kitchen in her Brooklyn-based home Cobble Hill Townhouse designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects, features cabinetry in a velvety blue directly drawn from the veins of the marbled benchtop. Bringing a tangible sense of refinement to the light-filled space, the colour not only finds synergy with other materials but also anchors the room with its heaviness balanced by the intentional lack of overhead cupboards. Ultimately, this serves to bring both beauty and a strong sense of place within the home’s heart – its kitchen.   

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