The 1977 Sofa | Unveiling a Design Evolution


King Living pays homage to its past while looking to the future with the unveiling of its 1977 Sofa – a timeless original, reimagined for the lifestyles of today.


Quality, craftsmanship, and celebrating the Australian way of life have shaped King Living contemporary furniture since 1977. Being a family-owned business, King Living is proud of its past, while also looking towards the future of design as they unveil their latest piece; the 1977 Sofa.

The brand visited the vaults of its furniture designs to honour original sofa “The Award”, which first captured attention in the late 1970s. Reimagined as the 1977 Sofa today, this celebrated furniture piece is a trans-generational tribute enhanced with modern materials, whilst retaining traditional design elements.

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King 1977 Sofa Package 5


King Bruny


King Living Issho Side Table


King Living Lode Outdoor Ottoman


“When we launched our first sofa, we could have never imagined that so many years on, it would still have the same design relevance it did nearly 50 years ago.”


– King Living Founder David King

Milan Design Week 2023 confirmed the nostalgic movement towards a resurgence of 1970s design references. Bold graphic shapes, soft edges and voluminous silhouettes were presented alongside iconic and re-editioned design pieces.

Crystallising this interior theme, the release of the 1977 Sofa reveals the appetite for design classics within Australia too. “The 1977 is a testament to our history-making design,” King Living founder David King says. “Through our long-lasting, deep relationships with our customers and our extensive understanding of the changing landscape, 1977 showcases our commitment to innovation and our strength in Australian design.”

The appeal of the classic design is taken a step further by encompassing complete modular flexibility that allows for limitless configuration options. Each module can be rearranged and connected seamlessly to suit various spatial needs and requirements. 

With its organic contours and gentle curves, the 1977 Sofa brings a sense of softness and relaxation. The seating has progressive comfort layers comprising CFC-free high-resilience foams and fibres of varying densities. Like all King Living collections, the brand’s dedication to sustainability is integrated into the design of their latest product. The 1977 Sofa is carefully packaged without polyurethane materials and shipped efficiently, reducing carbon emissions during transportation.

Continuing to play into the 1970s revival, the team at King Living has developed two exclusive fabric collections curated specifically for this piece with a palette of earthy colours, including ochre, dark greens, and caramels, and richly textured fabrics such as boucle. Tailored covers can be easily removed and machine washed at home for convenience or replaced for a seasonal update offering limitless customisation options and keeping waste to a minimum.



King 1977 Sofa Package 5


King Living Issho Coffee Table


King Living Apero Side Table


King Bruny


King Living Lode Outdoor Ottoman



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