Saint Germain Apartment

  • This Parisian apartment from French architect Frederic Berthier is many things; an elegant modern apartment, a gallery for incredible art and antiques, and beautiful study of light and dark spaces. It’s this final feature that really bowls you over in the design, as it veers effortlessly between breezy light-filled spaces and dark, dramatic corners. This is undoubtedly stylish living, but it’s also testament to Berthier’s thoughtful design approach, right down to the smallest detail.

    DESIGN Frederic Berthier | PHOTOGRAPHY Benoit Linero

    The design’s assured grasp of a monochrome aesthetic is likely inspired by Berthier’s background, having worked with design leaders like Philippe Starck, Dominique Perrault and Jean Nouvel over his impressive career. There’s certainly echoes of Starck’s sleek, silken aesthetic throughout this home, but Berthier clearly has his own definitive style – and it’s a style that certainly resonates with us here at est.

    The home’s traditional architecture is contrasted with clean lines and high-end materials like oak, steel and carrara marble. While these new elements introduce prestige to the design, they never overwhelm, as the diverse collection of artwork, books and antiques on display are equally emphasised throughout the interior spaces. Many features of the design were custom-built in order to fit the space just right, including the wood furniture in the living room and bedrooms that were carved specifically for a modern yet heritage look.

    With its unabashedly monochrome palette, the apartment adds pops of colour through the exposed cabinetry and bookshelves. Softened by the oak floorboards, the light and dark hues balance out within both the materials of the home and the furniture, perhaps most impact fully in those shiny jet-black doors.

    As an effortlessly stylish apartment, a reflection of contemporary Paris chic and a reference for a designer we’ll definitely be following in the future, this Saint Germain home delivers on all fronts.

    To compliment the inner-city lifestyle, a green terrace with plenty of plants and greenery adds outdoor space to play. It also acts as a softening barrier between the urban bustle outside and the sanctuary within the home.

    Not restricted to the kitchen, carrara marble makes an appearance or two throughout the home. We particularly like the way it has been used in partnership with the feature artworks of the living room, adding texture and dynamic to the art collection.

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