House on Ciscar Street

  • Spanish design firm Dot Partners have got modern minimalism down to a fine art. Whether it’s a commercial or residential environment, their spaces are refined in form and layout, illuminating the core elements of the design rather than competing for attention. Calming, restorative and relaxed in atmosphere, their latest renovation project subverts the historic surrounds of the home with a clean, structured space.

    Located in an a 20th century building in the classic Eixample district of Valencia, the exterior of this home harks back to another time – but inside, things look quite different. With the house’s unique position overlooking the interior courtyard of the block, the new design reconfigures the spatial plan, bringing lightness and space to the central living area while the bedrooms at the rear of the plan are illuminated by the courtyard. Rooms have been reorganised with as few elements as possible in order to achieve longer sight lines, like the line of light that extends from the hallway throughout the home.

    Similar to their Cointec Office project, Dot Partners use extensive white tones (across the walls, ceilings and fixtures) to create a tranquil aesthetic, while natural oak wood flooring complements the warm tungsten lighting. A singular striking pop of colour can be found in the bathroom, where an emerald green hue elevates the space to a stylish feature of the home, enhanced by the clean, bright style of the overall design.

    DESIGN Dot Partners | PHOTOGRAPHY David Zarzoso

    The architecture of the city blocks in this district were constructed in what is considered one of the most outstanding periods in Valencian architecture, characterised by the chamfered corners to give the impression of a company structure within public spaces. These chamfered corners continue in the new design, particularly in the central living space.

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