The Green Apartment

  • Between our recent features on the Nanan Patisserie in Poland and a clever apartment in Kiev, Eastern European design is definitely having a moment. The latest project to catch our eye is this conceptual home design by Ukrainian studio Special Project Venediktov, which takes Pantone’s colour of the year and current zeitgeist palette of green to intriguing new places.

    Blessed with clients who shared a similar taste in design, architects Oleksii Venediktov and Antonina Venediktova from Special Project Venediktov came up with the concept to use a rich colour palette as the foundation for the design, one that would be nuanced to the time of day and natural light within the apartment, creating spaces from morning to evening.

    DESIGN Special Project Venediktov PHOTOGRAPHY Andrey Avdeenko

    Drawing on a particular colour tone to develop the interior design gives the home additional benefits, with the illusion of a larger space created through the subtle changes in colour palette and the ambiance created from natural lighting to artificial light throughout the day. As the apartment is located on the 30th floor of one of Kiev’s tallest apartment buildings, this simplicity and gentle tone throughout the home truly allows the panoramic views and natural light (at all times) to be showcased in the style.

    As well as their shared taste in colour palette, the clients and architects also favoured a minimalist style, opting to embrace the apartment’s existing concrete frame by painting it and using simple geometric structures to seperate the existing plan of the apartment. The layout now centers around an open space comprising the living room and kitchen, while a corridor and entrance shoot lead to offshoot private spaces, such as the guest bedroom and bathroom, and the home offfice, home cinema and bar – all of which feature those jaw-dropping views and various interpretations of the green palette.

    In harmony with the minimalist structure of the surfaces and materials of the home, modern design furniture and objects complete the assured modernity of the design, emphasising the guiding aesthetic over the whole design and uniting the individual elements.

    The Green Apartment keeps altering its looks throughout the day; the interior is different in the morning, the day, and the evening, changing the atmosphere of the apartment with it.

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