Insider’s Guide to Pivot Doors with Vitrocsa

  • Explore Vitrocsa’s large glass pivot doors that are designed for the Australasian climate.

    As the global leader in minimalist windows, Vitrocsa has revolutionised architectural possibilities with its sophisticated, high-performance engineered design. While a Swiss watchmaker and mechanical engineer pioneered Vitrocsa, the Australian and New Zealand team has worked closely with the original founders ensuring the system suits the local environment. By taking advantage of the warmer Australasian climate, they can offer pivot doors with a 20mm frame – the slimmest and most highly-sealed on the world stage.

    With more than 30 years of experience in research, innovation, testing and design, Vitrocsa’s range of sliding, pivot, turnable and guillotine windows and doors are almost undetectable. Australian and New Zealand managing director, Michael Canturi explains that Vitrocsa frames are highly engineered for extra strength, supporting very large glass panels. “All components are designed down to the most minimal dimensions possible. The result is doors and windows which are designed to be invisible, therefore allowing the architecture to take centre stage”, he says.

    Vitrocsa’s pivot doors balance monolithic glass panels with a graceful pivoting motion, rotating up to 180 degrees. Single panels spanning up to 12 metres squared (efficient in both large or tight spaces) are available with either a central or offset rotation – and include features such as a hold-open mechanism and slow close release.

    Ideal for the Australasian market, when it comes to aluminium, Vitrocsa offers a high-quality anodised finish in a market-leading extensive colour palette. “Anodising transforms the surface colour itself via chemical and electrical processes (similar to the feel of an Apple laptop or phone)”. Michael explains. “As it will never corrode, bubble or fade, it is the superior finish for coastal conditions”, he says.

    Produced in partnership with Vitrocsa

    Insider's Guide to Vitrocsa Windows and Doors

    K House by MHN Design Union | Photography by Justin Alexander

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