Insider’s Guide to Modern Black Hardware in the Home


The Ferrara lip pull from Momo Handles provided a seamless blend within the kitchen’s material palette in this home designed by Pleysier Perkins.

Explore our edit of contemporary hardware crafted by Momo Handles. These touchpoints offer a contrasting accent, providing a modern finishing touch to any interior space.

Hardware may seem like a minor detail, but it holds significant potential to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of an interior scheme. Opting for a modern-shaped, joinery or door handle in a matte, black finish adds architectural flair and a subdued sophistication to a space through its minimalist silhouette and contrasting colour.

In this edit, we present six modern hardware options from Momo Handles, whereby each touchpoint reveals contemporary shapes,  architectural lines, and accentuates a minimalist aesthetic.

In partnership with Momo Handles.

“It’s important that the hardware measure up in terms of design and quality to the rigour and extent of investment in the architecture and interior design."

- Architect Simon Perkins of Pleysier Perkins

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