Insider’s Guide to Elevating Everyday Laundry Spaces


    We discover how thoughtful design, smart organisation, hardworking premium appliances, and luxurious details can turn an ordinary laundry into an extraordinary space.

    Today’s laundry spaces transcend their traditional purpose and have evolved into areas of the home that effortlessly blend beauty with functionality. By embracing premium fixtures and fittings, optimising smart storage solutions, incorporating luxurious finishes, and multi-functional designs, these four, distinctly different laundries are all visually appealing examples of how practicality and aesthetics can work in perfect harmony.

    We take a closer look at the design cues behind each elevated laundry space to inspire moments of luxury, and we consider the designer’s handpicked selection of premium appliances and how these play a role in the overall look and feel of each space. The cross-section of hardworking laundry appliance options that we’ve handpicked are all retailed through Winning Appliances and are esteemed favorites amongst the Australian design community.

    In partnership with Winning Appliances

    Residence M by CJH Studio | Photography by Ben Hosking

    Designed to be Multi-functional

    Modern laundry spaces are designed to serve multiple purposes beyond their primary function. From a practical mud room to the added functionality of bathroom facilities an elevated laundry highlights multifunctional purposes. In this multi-purpose mud room conceived by Williams Burton Leopardi the design team’s conceptual response of a traditional laundry was extended to meet the client’s brief for a place to store everyday items with access to the outdoors.

    By reducing clutter and noise through a crisp and classical palette and clever storage, Williams Burton Leopardi has established a refined sense of sanctuary. Optimising the laundry space, a Fisher & Paykel dryer and washing machine from Winning Appliances fits in seamlessly underneath a sorting and folding bench and maximises laundry duty efficiency without detracting from the clean, minimalist aesthetic.

    Integrated Appliances

    Integrating appliances, such as washers and dryers, within cabinetry or behind closed doors can build a seamless and streamlined look in a laundry space. Concealing laundry washing machines and dryers helps to blend them in with the overall design aesthetic of a space, giving a cohesive and polished look.

    In House on the Bay by Decus Interiors, the Miele WDB030 Eco Washing Machine available from Winning Appliances is concealed beneath the countertop which allows for uninterrupted bench space and maximising storage.

    Elevated Design Details

    Attention to detail and craftsmanship in the design of a laundry offers a touch of personality and ensures this space aligns in look and feel with the rest of the home. Elevating a laundry by incorporating luxurious finishes and fixtures and using high-quality materials like marble countertops, or statement tiles adds a tactile touchpoint and a sense of opulence. Meticulous attention to the smallest details can contribute to a sense of luxury and refinement whilst ensuring a long-lasting and visually inspiring laundry space.

    In the laundry of Forever Home by Melbourne-based design practice Biasol, grey-veined stone, and designer handles in burnished brass add a touch of extravagance alongside a line-up of Fisher & Payker washing machines and dryers from Winning Appliances.

    Embracing Smart Storage Solutions

    Efficiency is key in a well-designed laundry room, and intelligent storage solutions are paramount. Adequate storage ensures the area can be kept organised and clutter-free and factoring in cabinetry, shelving, or custom storage solutions will ensure there’s a place to accommodate all laundry and cleaning essentials.  Thinking beyond traditional cabinets, innovative storage options such as built-in drawers, or custom cabinetry tailored specifically to the spatial footprint of the space can help elevate even the smallest laundry.

    Albert St Home by Milieu Creative showcases a laundry that has a place for everything. From the built-in custom cabinetry that line the walls to the pull-out drawers and overhead drying rail, this laundry is an exercise in using every inch of space for full functionality. A Miele washing machine and dryer have been selected by the designer for its combination of style, quality, and reliability.

    Grossmans Residence by Salt Design Studio| Photography by Rahel Weiss


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