Insider’s Guide to Monochromatic Rugs with Tribe Home

  • Explore nine monochromatic rugs from Melbourne-based rug company Tribe Home.

    “It has never been more apparent that rugs are an integral part of interior decoration. It is the secret ingredient that brings the whole interior scheme together,” Tribe Home director Tina Richards says. Launched in 2010, Tribe Home is an amalgamation of Tina’s two life-long loves: travelling and interior design. Throughout her upbringing in New Zealand and subsequent adventures abroad, Tina was led to probe the ideas of connectedness and belonging in such a culturally diverse world; ideas that have come to underpin Tribe Home. 

    Tribe Home’s cosmopolitan approach to rug making has fuelled 12 years of connecting – with like-minded suppliers, craftsmen and customers. Similarly, the brand considers the connections we form with our physical surroundings and how a rug may augment that; contending that a space that lacks character and soul can be quickly transformed with the addition of a handmade rug.

    In this Insider’s Guide, we’re considering the impact of a monochromatic rug from Tribe Home. Whether it’s a moody charcoal grey or soothing ivory, a monochromatic rug can ultimately determine how you connect with and create a sense of belonging in a space. 

    Produced in partnership with Tribe Home

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