Insider’s Guide to Smart Kitchen Storage with Blum

  • Discover a selection of smart kitchen storage solutions from leading furniture fittings manufacturer Blum.

    When it comes to realising a functional kitchen design that does not compromise on aesthetics, there’s one brand that always delivers. Founded in Austria in 1952, Blum have been leaders in the premium furniture fittings sector for more than 70 years. 

    We’re shining a spotlight on six Blum products that epitomise ‘the functional kitchen’. When designing each, Blum posed the following questions: who will specify this in their project (the designer)? Who will build with this (the builder)? And who will use this (the end-user)? This ability to foresee a product at all its touch points ultimately sets Blum apart – that, and the fact that every product is backed by rigorous research and testing.

    The Blum SPACE TWIN, SPACE CORNER, SPACE TOWER, U-Shaped Sink Drawer and AVENTOS HK-S are united by a common interest in optimising space. The SPACE TWIN transforms tight spaces into narrow drawers, the SPACE CORNER capitalises on corners by conforming to their shape, the SPACE TOWER ensures that every item is always close at hand, the U-Shaped Sink Drawer makes use of the space around the sink, and the AVENTOS HK-S makes use of the empty space above the fridge or oven.

    LEGRABOX is one of Blum’s most popular products; the box system combines a sleek design with outstanding running characteristics, making it suitable for any kitchen. Drawers like these are tested extensively, being opened and closed at least 100,000 times before they are put on the market.

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