Insider’s Guide to Smart Bathroom Storage with Blum

  • Discover smart bathroom storage solutions from leading furniture fittings manufacturer Blum.

    As long-standing providers of premium furniture fittings, Blum are entrusted by architects and designers world-over to deliver on function and aesthetics. Following our exploration of Blum products that epitomise the functional kitchen, we’re delving into what epitomises the functional bathroom.

    We all have our own bathroom rituals, whether taking a quick shower or creating an at-home spa. Whatever your preference, sufficient and intelligent storage is a must and can be distilled from the following questions; firstly, and most importantly, how do I want to use my bathroom? Secondly, how many people will be using the bathroom? And lastly, what and how much needs to be stored?

    The EXPANDO T for thin fronts is underpinned by its minimalist and versatile design, making it suitable for any bathroom. In a space where clutter can be difficult to keep at bay, the AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system and ORGA-LINE make sure everything is where it needs to be. And if you find yourself running out of room, you can transform the empty space around your sink into storage with the Sink Drawer.

    The LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX antaro are box systems that maximise on storage and ergonomics in the bathroom. Drawers like these are tested extensively; opened and closed at least 100,000 times before they are put on the market.

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