The Enduring Influence of Scandinavian Design with Trit House

The Audo by Norm Architects in Copenhagen features the Plinth low marble available from Trit House.

Australian-based furniture, art and accessories retailer Trit House is home to a number of Danish design frontrunners.

As an Australian design destination, Trit offers a curatorial approach to modern furniture, objects, and art pieces through a signature style that infuses global design through an Australian lens.

With a history firmly rooted in handcrafted, enduring design, alongside a focus on simplicity and functionality, it’s no surprise that Trit House has forged partnerships with emerging and renowned Scandinavian design brands.

Aligning in a shared love for quality, practicality, and craftsmanship, Trit offers considered Scandinavian pieces from Audo Copenhagen, Wendelbo, and its Danish-inspired namesake brand; Trit House.

In partnership with Trit House

“The Audo is constantly changing, curated with new and old objects. We change the furniture according to the seasons and the artist exhibiting."


The Audo by Norm Architects features the Bank pendant lights and Afteroom Counter stool available from Trit.

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