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  • A house in woods designed by Polish designers Aleksandra Dobrowolska-Grobel ( and Anna Wojcicka-Legien (Coucou Interiors) reflects its musician owners’ creative spirit and love of bold, unconventional design. Hidden in the heart of Nadbuzanski Park Krajobrazowy in Mazovia, central Poland, the home is the couple’s escape from the crowded capital city of Warsaw, only one hour’s drive away. Here, they can retreat with their four dogs and cat to recharge their creativity and enjoy time in nature.

    The kitchen is characterised by warm, textured materials, including brass, timber and limestone plaster. The bespoke island bench, painted an olive-green colour, is a striking sculptural addition to the space. Tom Dixon Melt wall lights also feature.

    The feeling of being deep in the forest is not lost on the interiors, manifesting in warm, earthen colours, raw textures and organic shapes. To the right as you enter, concealed behind bespoke lime-green joinery, are the private spaces, while straight ahead lies the kitchen, dining and living spaces. 

    The interior language of curves is introduced in the entryway through soft arches and an oval-shaped mirror designed by Jean Baptiste Fastrez. “We took inspiration from the imperfect beauty of the surrounding forest, incorporating curves and organic shapes throughout the interiors,” Aleksandra Dobrowolska-Grobel says. 

    Transitioning into the kitchen, this motif is expressed as a sculptural olive-green kitchen island, which includes an integrated wood-fired stove. “The island was an original idea of the owners and was made from scratch by hand by our craftsman. It’s the heart of the house – a place to gather, talk and try delicious food cooked on a live fire,” Aleksandra says.

    In the dining space, the pairing of soft and bold – Varier Ekstrem chairs – and hard and subtle – the B&B Italia Tobi-Ishi table – creates contrast. Timber beams bring a raw feel to the space while echoing the surrounding forest.

    The living space features sculptural and reflective pieces, including the B&B Italia Camaleonda sofa and Miniforms Murano Soda glass tables. Continuing the theme of curves, these pieces rest atop organic-shaped rugs.

    Aleksandra says many of the materials used in the project were chosen for the way they interact with natural light. “We decided to combine materials that would slightly reflect light as it entered the home from different angles. For example, we integrated a series of brass details in the kitchen, while in the living area, we used coffee tables made of blown glass.” The walls, in addition, are made of limestone plaster, attributing to them a natural sheen. 

    Every piece of furniture is designed to evoke a sense of ease and comfort; “We wanted the owners to be able to cherish the design, not feel overwhelmed by it,” Aleksandra says. Pieces like the Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini and Ekstrem chairs designed by Terje Ekstrøm nod to design icons while adding a playful undertone to the interiors.

    Bespoke lime-green joinery conceals the private spaces.

    “We took inspiration from the imperfect beauty of the surrounding forest, incorporating curves and organic shapes throughout the interiors.”


    – founder Aleksandra Dobrowolska-Grobel

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