House by the Park by Loft Kolasinski

  • Loft Kolasinski is a stickler for mixing the modern, the minimal and the midcentury. The Polish firm’s distinct approach is easily recognisable, fitted out with their own industrial designs and charismatic furnishings and fittings. Adding to our collection of the firm’s playfully restrained projects, this 1930s abode is a petite summary of the Loft Kolasinski’s relevance to heritage reform.

    DESIGN Loft Kolasinski | PHOTOGRAPHY Karolina Bak

    Similar to the firm’s previous project House in Pogodno, House by the Park is located in Szczecin, Poland. Creeping up on ninety years old, the interior was in need of significant refresh and for that, Loft Kolasinski have kept things simple. Black frame sliding doors and full height windows are for a constant glow of natural light, leaving the entire home in a light and bright bubble. White-washed exposed brick and brushed oak flooring are the perfect bed of neutral to curate the unique objects within.

    It’s not uncanny that Loft Kolasinki’s work appears to be lifted from the Bauhaus archives. Their affiliation for intriguing, industrial style furniture has shone through in previous projects on est, reinforcing their ability to restore and repurpose furniture; an expertise that leaves it tricky to discern old from new. The home is filled with classic furniture and sculptural lighting installations by a long list of notable European designers; Apolinary Galecki, Klaus Uredat, Rob Parry, Asger Bay Christiansen, Miroslav Navratil, Giancarlo Piretti and Lappalainen Limari. Loft Kolasinski integrated their own custom designs among this midcentury mastery, including the kitchen table, built-in wardrobes and bathroom cabinetry. The creative studio’s bespoke designs also feature on the floors, with rugs hand woven in Nepal. For the walls, the House by the Park showcases the emotive graphics of Lithuanian artist Stasys Eidridevicius.

    Meshing the unusual and useable, House by the Park is a beautiful compilation of eras and objects. Revitalised with a Loft Kolasinski personality, this home will age just as well as the antique finds that reside within.

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