House LD by Stay Studio

  • Kortrijk Home by Stay Studio

    House LD by Stay Studio, located in Kortrijk, Belgium, speaks to the most telltale elements of Belgian design

    Belgium-based architecture and interior design firm Stay Studio transform a 1950s villa in inner-city Kortrijk into a warm, textural family abode. Designed for a young couple and their newborn baby, House LD offers a safe, secluded space to come home to. With three large bedrooms and two bathrooms, there is room for the family to grow, with the intent being to form a deep connection to the home along the way.

    Taking inspiration from both Flemish and Parisian interiors, House LD embodies, first and foremost, the versatility of Belgian design. Stay Studio founder Simon Adriaenseens names esteemed international designers Joseph Dirand, Bernard Dubois and Nicolas Schuybroek as key sources of inspiration behind the project.

    The hero of House LD is, without a doubt, the minimalist, brown-toned kitchen. The hero of the kitchen itself is the Jade Kylin Onyx natural stone – “it was love at first sight at the stonecutter,” Simon says. A motif in the home, the stone reappears in other spaces; the fireplace in the living room and the benchtop in the dining room; cementing its “hero” status. 

    Kortrijk Home by Stay Studio

    Soft arches seperate the spaces.

    The perfect accomplice to the marble motif is the smoked walnut joinery, which appears in almost every space. Contrasted against the fresh white paint, the wood restores the home back to a state of balance and restraint. “We wanted to keep the home as light as possible through the many gloomy days in Belgium,” Simon says.

    Like other Belgian homes featured on est living, House LD by Stay Studio captures luxury in its most subtle form.

    Kortrijk Home by Stay Studio
    Kortrijk Home by Stay Studio

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