House in L’Empordà

  • We’re dreaming of Spain today thanks to this stunning stone farmhouse, simply titled ‘House in Empordà’. With a rustic appearance hiding design gems inside, this is somewhere you’d want to spend a summer away (or more!) tucked away in this historic corner of Catalonia. Lazy afternoons in the sun, twilight dips in the pool and of course a glass of Spanish red to finish up the day…

    Local studio Francesc Rifé have renovated the House in Empordà with great respect to its namesake region and the traditional architecture, using the home’s initial structure and materials to build further dynamic against the contemporary design choices.

    DESIGN Frances Rife Studio | PHOTOGRAPHY Fernando Alda

    Preserving key features such as the stone exterior, interior stucco walls and exposed beams, the designers have incorporated the extension gracefully, emphasising natural light and the owner’s passion for unique furniture and designs without contrasting the existing building. White walls and timber and stone floors ground the home in an earthy aesthetic while adding a foil to the well-selected collection of art and design furniture throughout the home. In homage to the owner’s interest in furniture by Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand the home features conceptual pieces in an organic setting, most strikingly in the living area where art, design objects and unique furniture combine with museum-like styling that still feels like somewhere you could curl up in.

    The exterior and grounds of the home are equally gorgeous, highlighting the distinctive green and tan landscape of the region. A thatched canopy brings the two structures together and creates a shaded canopy for entertaining and some much-needed shade to the central outdoor spaces, while additional patio spaces extend the living spaces of the home outwards, taking in the surrounds. Tucked down the hill a stone-edged pool manages to look both luxurious yet natural to the space, ready for an end-of-day dip.

    Surrounded by rolling hills outside and historic design and art inside, it’s impossible not to be inspired by the environment and design of this home. Sign us up for a Spanish sabbatical please!

    Simple white stucco walls and stone floors pay homage to historic Spanish farmhouse style, while contemporary design is subtly introduced with the bed and lighting feature.

    The sloped thatched canopy over the central courtyard is both a striking design feature and practical link between the two structures.

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