Hotel Boca Chica

  • A pure pocket of 1950’s nostalgia, Hotel Boca Chica sits just above a white beach on the rocky cliffside of Caleta. Owned by architect Fernando Romero and designed by Frida Escobedo and José Rojas, the 36-room hotel was originally built in the 1950’s. While it retains much of that retro charm, there’s plenty of contemporary luxury to enjoy alongside your trip back in time.

    DESIGN Frida Escobedo and José Rojas | PHOTOGRAPHY Hotel Boca Chica

    Stepping inside the hotel feels like stepping onto a movie set (Mad Men with a distinct tropical vibe) with vintage pieces curated by local contemporary artist Claudia Fernández together with lush greenery in all corners. The sweeping marble and granite mosaic floor and mid-century modernist style dominates the layout, while peppermint green immediately makes itself known as the colour de jour, later to be reinforced throughout the suites.

    The emphasis on celebrating the hotel’s historic atmosphere while bringing it firmly into the 20th century continues to play out in the architecture, such as the iconic lattice ‘celocia’ brickwork and the amoeba smallmouth pool. The sense of play in the design carries throughout the hotel with in-room hammocks, lush gardens, the pumping in-house disco and of course frozen margaritas. For those who prefer to keep things laidback, the impressive onsite spa offers treatments inspired by traditional medicine and natural herbal ingredients, so you keep your skin feeling as fresh as that ocean breeze.

    Once a jewel of the bustling 60’s era Acapulco, the loving restoration of Hotel Boca Chica proves Acapulco is still a worthy destination for a whole new generation of travellers seeking sun and style for a break away.

    The hotel entrance, featuring the signature 1950’s era modernist architecture and the lattice brickwork.

    Spa facilities are definitely on the contemporary side, with jacuzzis for soaking and open showers to wash off that sugar scrub with a view of the nearby Roqueta Island. 

    We imagine a couple of poolside margaritas and an afternoon stretched out in the sun is a good way to feeling like a movie star – particularly with those views!

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