Hornsby Residence by Paul Conrad Architects

  • How could the contemporary townhouses of today be improved? This was the question that preoccupied Paul Conrad Architects and their quest to elevate two townhouses in Malvern. The team at Paul Conrad Architects were determined to bring back a traditional sensibility, by returning to the historical townhouse typology. Distilled with the enduring qualities of the ‘great townhouses of the world’, these two attached residences are now a well-rounded blend of European refinement and modern restraint.

    DESIGN Paul Conrad Architects | PHOTOGRAPHY Derek Swalwell | STYLING Simone Haag

    On their pursuit of quality, Paul Conrad Architects looked to the Georgian architecture of Bath and the Neoclassism in London for their classical sensibilities of proportion, repetition and structure. But this was by no means an exercise in replication. It was about reimagining the traditional townhouse archetype in a contemporary context, for two townhouses on a suburban lot. This revealed itself in the highly controlled geometry of the internal planning that emphasises vertical proportions. The French doors cement the vertical and guarantee a sense of luxury, order and sanctuary upon entrance. The loftiness expressed by the French doors on the inside is carried through by the floor-to-ceiling mirrors and tapware in custom proportions. While the focus may be on the traditional, this didn’t mean there was no room for creative variation. Ceiling heights, floor levels, lighting fixtures and windows all create a unique spatial experience. A great example of this is in the casual living room, with a subtly compressed ceiling height for intimacy that separates it from the dining area.

    Not only is control accomplished in layout, it’s made clear in the choice of materials and finishes. For a sense of calm and clarity, Paul Conrad Architects selected a restrained interior palette of marble and natural oak. A rich mixture of designer pieces and art layer each space leaving each with a strong sense of depth, order and elegance. The legacy of design icons runs strong, with a special mention going to the enduring Wishbone Chair and Snoopy table lamp by Flos. It’s the perfect harmony of modernist values, strong lines and a return to attention to beauty and detail.

    We’re all striving for a liveable sense of luxury – and that’s exactly what Paul Conrad Architects have delivered in these two attached Malvern townhouses. A classic and controlled approach has given rise to a contemporary townhouse with serious design wisdom.

    “This modern interpretation carries the concept of the colonnade from the architecture to the interiors.”

    — Paul Conrad Architects 

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