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Designer Christina Cole creates a sense of timelessness and aged charm inside a new build in Encino, California.

When a developer asked Christina Cole to collaborate on a project in Encino, California, she didn’t want to create a blank canvas for its future owners. Instead, she wanted to take a different approach to designing the seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom residence. She intended to craft a home with a “timeless sense of lived-in character,” as she describes. “This home doesn’t follow one exact style, which results in an environment that is collected and perceived to have been assembled over time,” Christina explains.

Calcatta Caldia marble contrasts the custom brass kitchen island. The upper cabinets comprise white oak and glass. 

The ‘chef’s’ kitchen features walnut butcher block counters and a ceramic handmade tile splashback.

To form the qualities of an inherited space within the kitchen, Christina worked with an assorted range of materials. The elements of a contemporary provincial kitchen conveyed through a hammered brass island contrasted against the backdrop of traditional cabinets dressed in white paint and white oak with glass. The Calacatta Caldia marble benchtop and splashback connect the contrasting cabinetry.

In the chef’s kitchen, the industrious walnut wood butcher block has been applied to the benchtops, and handmade ceramic tiles have been added to the splashback to create a more handmade touch. Enhancing this rustic and aged experience are the timber panels and beams that dress the ceiling within this space. The designer illustrates; “there is a special sense of charm about how materials like these will evolve and patina as the homeowners settle into their space.”

From the moment you arrive at the property, its stateliness is pronounced. The oak-panelled walls, paired with traditional checkered marble and limestone tiles, dramatically lead to the home’s interest areas. From here, the eyes immediately survey the striking curved staircase, ceilings and void. “Among the home’s standout features, the staircase shines as a unifying focal point that offers dynamic perspectives from various vantage points throughout the house. It serves as a visual anchor and a connecting thread, enhancing the home’s overall cohesion and allure,” Christina adds.

The aged charm of the home is further expressed in the dining room with the continuation of traditional panelled doors fitted with antiqued mirrors. They also act as an agent to reflect the stately grandeur of the home, which becomes echoed and impressed upon the panels. The custom white oak dining table equilibrates the room between the two main hallways, while a bespoke sculptural chandelier made in the style of Jean Michel Frank centres the space. Reigning in the newness of home, the designer has fashioned this perfect mix of vintage and new furniture throughout the residence.

Christina concludes the project is eclectic yet cohesive; the design effortlessly blends contrasting energies –modern and vintage, polished and weathered, feminine and masculine –resulting in an environment that feels as if it has evolved over time.”

The ‘great room’ features an Alfred Christensen high-back armchair and ‘Into Myself’, 2020 artwork by Serge Attukwei Clottey.

The contemporary curved staircase is a focal feature of the home.

The traditional checkered marble and limestone tiles lead the eyes to the areas of interest in the home.

Industrial steel windows allow natural light to permeate throughout the home, while traditional panelling featured throughout creates an aged charm to the home. The formal living features the Erik Worts Rondell lounge chair, an Armadillo rug and Jamb London antique silver wall sconces. 

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