Home Tour | The Stoned House by Niels Maier

Glass doors segment spaces inside the home without compromising natural light and openness.

The blasted stone kitchen island is contrasted with sleek black appliances.

Dutch designer Niels Maier introduces ‘authenticity and soul’ to a 1970s building in Limburg, The Netherlands.

Nestled directly between Belgium and Germany lies the evergreen province of Limburg, Netherlands. In the border town of Sittard, Niels Maier was tasked with opening up a once-dark and compartmentalised 1970s house for contemporary living. A tactile palette coupled with clever light insertions and a connection to the outdoors at every turn has paved the way for an intimate family home.

The neutral walls, ceiling and floors offset the walnut furniture and brass accents. 

Minimal window frames maximise natural light and strengthen the relationship with green surrounds.

An amalgamation of new and vintage pieces in the living room contributes to the home’s ‘soul’. The internal window in the double-height void allows light to stream into the otherwise dark hallway.

Finished in natural clay plaster, the walls and ceilings of each room provide a canvas for the delicate shadows of light that cast throughout the day; bright and soft in the morning, and intimate and cozy in the evenings. Microcement floors are seamlessly colour-matched, reinforcing the monolithic and refined nature of the home.

Skylights and generous full-height openings invite light and landscape into the home. Inside, glass partitions and internal windows achieve the same effect, pulling light into the darker areas as the sun moves through the space.

The double-height lounge features an interplay of new and vintage furniture; a recurring thread in Niels’ portfolio of residential projects. Imperative design elements including the tactile linen sheers and slimline fireplace only enhance the beauty of the minimal space.

Opposing tones and textures playfully contrast each other throughout the home. In the primary ensuite, a custom-designed basin cast in soft white concrete is combined with brass tapware, designed to patina over time.

The manicured lawn and pool space feature the Swisspearl Willy Guhl Loop chair.

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