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Situated in New York City’s Tribeca neighbourhood — a place that was once the heart of Manhattan’s textile industry — NYC Triplex by Jae Joo Designs and Michael House architecture presents the transformation of a Brutalist style building into an elegant, cosy space fit for modern living.

Tasked with the challenge of inviting warmth into the vast space while maintaining a neutral colour palette, designer Jae Joo approached the interiors with a carefully considered collection of furniture, lighting, textiles, and artwork that would complement the striking architecture and interplay of clean lines and textures throughout.

“The emphasis on shapes and blending elements motivated me to approach the design process with extra care and detail,” Jae says. “I aimed for a mix of cosiness and drama. We worked to create a timeless canvas that provides the family with a relaxing space and a setting for limitless creativity,” she adds.

Pierre Jeanneret PJ-SI-22-A Stool
Apparatus Arrow Pendant

In the kitchen are the Pierre Jeanneret PJ-SI-22-A stools from P! Galerie, Gaggenau appliances, Dornbracht kitchen faucets, and metal façade cabinets. Above the Dekton island is the Apparatus Arrow pendant and nearby Bocci porcelain pendants. The art adorning the walls is by Claudio Parmiggiani from Bortolami Gallery. The vase is by Gaetano Pesce.

Envisaged to be “more than just an aesthetically pleasing space” — the space is designed as a forever home to foster lasting memories and accommodate the many life chapters to come for the family who reside there. “When I met them for a meet-and-greet on site before they closed on the property, I was delighted not only by the stunning space but how loving and kind the family was, Joo continues. “I felt their strong bond mirrored the solid foundation the house would come to represent.”

Jae Joo’s work on the interiors preserves the space’s calmness while infusing character and depth. Through a combination of metals, stone, and plaster, spaces seamlessly connect with one another. Furthermore, incorporating materials with patina also played a key role in adding a sense of history to these surfaces.

“The space has a strong, raw feel, highlighted by bold architectural features like the curved staircase, stacked concrete ceilings, and textured columns,” Joo describes. “Given the spacious and open nature of the area, I had to make careful yet bold choices to avoid an empty or clinical feeling.”

The introduction of new elements in the design scheme was met with a sensitivity to integrate them with the existing features to create cohesion and harmony. “I approached the project with a purpose to bridge emotional connection with architectural innovation,” Joo muses. “I wanted to create a sense of surrealness by adding some fluid, freeform elements so the house didn’t end up feeling too sterile or dense,” she adds.

In addition to the three bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms, the nearly 4,000-square-meter space is spread across three levels and also features three private terraces, a striking sculptural staircase, a fireplace that was incorporated and decorated with fluted details in plaster, a “melting” revolving door that opens to the children’s piano and playroom, and a stunning art collection.

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of this project was the art,” Joo says. Over the years, we never stopped talking about new art with the homeowners and explored numerous galleries together, which was really amazing. The space is now adorned with exceptional contemporary pieces by artists like R.H. Quaytman, Rebecca Morris, and Claudio Parmiggiani from Bortolami, Gladstone Gallery, and more. These artworks brought vibrant colours and vitality throughout, truly bringing the space to life.”

A custom Bloud chandelier by BDDW in the living room, alongside a black settee and Pierre Jeanneret chairs. On The Rocks sofa by Edra sits atop a Faux cowhide rug and near the side table designed by Dmitry Samygin from Savannah Bay gallery. 

Edra On The Rocks Sofa
Ruemmler N556

The living area features the puzzle painting, which was customised for this project by BDDW, and the Ruemmler N556 pendant


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