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  • Marylebone pied-à-terre by Maddux Creative

    London-based designers Maddux Creative dovetail English period charm and modernity within the walls of a 1920s pied-à-terre in Marylebone.

    The two-bedroom apartment is the London residence of a Los Angeles-based couple who sought an elegant canvas to display their growing contemporary art collection. The residence is distinguished by its myriad of period features – Haussmanian mouldings which lend a Parisian or pre-war Berlin ambience, parquet flooring, wall panelling and coffered ceiling designs – which instil a resonant sense of character from which a new iteration has unfolded. Here, soft colour block paint veiled over walls and styled vignettes pull focus, sending the distance between old and new into irrelevance.

    Marylebone pied-à-terre by Maddux Creative

    Adjacent to the living room is the library, which contains a Christophe Delcourt sofa, a Paolo Buffa armchair, a Tufenkian rug and a vintage pendant light. Charles Gaines’s work Explosion #26 can also be seen.                             

    From the moment of arrival, an atmosphere of genteel elegance is established through modulations of features from different eras that unite in their aesthetic and functional accord. Contemporary art pieces such as a sculpture by Abigail Ozora Simpson and botanical photographs by Karl Blossfeldt temper ornate plaster details. Antique and vintage pieces reflected in existing mirrored doors retain a sense of effortless refinement, conjuring the notion that this has always been a residence of cosmopolitan relevance and uncomplicated sophistication.

    The pied-à-terre’s order of spatial magnitude is carefully in keeping with use. The main room contains both the sitting and dining areas and to ensure a gradual transition between those areas, a combination of shades has been used to layer geometric shapes over the minutely curvaceous details in the existing wall panelling. Colour experimentation continues in the adjoining library with three different shades of green emphasising the original mouldings while drawing them into modernity.

    Marylebone pied-à-terre by Maddux Creative

    In the continued spirit of blurring the lines between what is original and what is new, Maddux Creative has cultivated a boundary-pushing residence with a distinct sense of playfulness and artistry. An intricate tapestry of form, texture and colour is anchored by constant reminders that this is a home of global relevance filled with pieces hand-picked from each corner of the world; Turkish rugs, Parisian antique furniture ensembles, Danish dining chairs, grasscloth and bamboo and an alchemy of artworks which reconcile all.

    Given the apartment isn’t the owner’s main residence, the kitchen concedes to their preference for dining out on the town. It is small yet perfectly formed, a neat and compact brass-clad gesture tucked away off the main hallway but still with a definite point of view. Given the space is visible through an open door, it to has been styled with a perfect vignette, including a 19th-century portrait and an assortment of vessels.

    Each bedroom has emerged as a bespoke outcome, with the master a soft spectrum of sleep-inducing blues offset by rich timber tones in vintage furniture pieces. The guest bedroom, by contrast, is a blush room filled with natural light and vintage objects. Mediating between the two are ensuite bathrooms that exude soft greens and peach hues, brass and intricate tilework reminiscent of Jean Cocteau, whose richly vibrant fictional characters can easily be imagined living within the walls of this Marylebone sanctuary.

    Maddux Creative have delivered a home that leans into the realm of the avant-garde through a design language that responds to the enduring trifecta of art, culture and society.

    Marylebone pied-à-terre by Maddux Creative

    The primary bedroom is enveloped in an Altfield grasscloth, while the trim is painted in complementary shades of blue. A pair of vintage bamboo mirrors flank a painting by Ross Chisholm.

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