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Artisan Neva Bar Stool

Madeleine Blanchfield Architects selected red brick, white walls and ceilings, silvery terrazzo floors and rich walnut veneer. At the core of the new design is a dramatic spiral staircase made of concrete and steel.

Madeleine Blanchfield Architects reimagine a 1907 house in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, envisioning fresh possibilities through the addition of a striking red brick rear pavilion.

Blending hallmarks of Victorian and Federation architecture, the home was designed and built by its original owners, with idiosyncrasies that its new owners felt gave it a unique charm. Being a family of seven, however, the existing house didn’t offer enough space or amenity nor did it meet their desire for a lively and dynamic home. Cue Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, who were tasked with infusing the old mansion with new life. “We wanted to harness the eccentricity of the existing house while focusing on energy, flow and proportion in the new design,” Madeleine says.

Iva Stool
Nau Molloy Dining Table
Nau Molloy Chair

The kitchen/dining space features the Grazia & Co Iva swivel stoolSouth Drawn U Fold Linear pendant, Nau Molloy Obround dining table, and Nau Molloy dining chair chair.

Most of the original building was restored, as the architects worked to respect and enhance the heritage features. Pressed metal ceilings and fireplaces were revived from an almost irreparable state, while windows and timber fretwork were painstakingly rebuilt to their original glory. The large garden to the north of the site was also something to be celebrated in the new design, with guests walking through the garden, past the heritage part of the house, to get to the new addition.

Red brick was selected as the material for the rear addition, creating a robust and powerful structure that echoes the original brickwork. “We needed the new part of the house to be in harmony with the old building, which is well-loved and certainly contributes to the street,” Madeleine says. At the core of the new design is a dramatic spiral staircase made of concrete and steel, which anchors the ground-floor living spaces and establishes a theme of sculptural simplicity.

Edra On The Rocks Sofa
India Mahdavi Bishop Stool

The bright living space features the Edra On the Rocks sofaIndia Mahdavi Bishop stool, Allied Maker Clasp wall lamp, a pair of vintage leather armchairs, and a custom coffee table and bench seat by Khai Liew.

Inside the pavilion, the motif of red brick is paired with white walls and ceilings, silvery terrazzo floors and rich walnut veneer. Red hues serve as a unifying element, manifesting in stones, leathers, timbers and textiles. The highly-curated selection of furniture, lighting, objects and art is as dynamic and captivating as the architecture, while also maintaining a sense of comfort and liveability – an important balance that needed to be struck in order for the family to feel completely at home.

Cassina 412 Cab Chair

The home is built for entertaining, with a long custom walnut dining table by Khai Liew paired with Cassina Cab dining chairs, accommodating up to 20 dinner guests. A custom walnut pendant light by Khai Liew features above. In the corners are a set of India Mahdavi Cap Martin rattan armchairs. Hanging on the wall is a painting by Emma Walker, and on the console is a sculpture by Tan Arlidge.

Flos Mini Glo Ball C/W

The dining space connects to a bar area and powder room, both embodying the home’s signature red tones. The bar area features Sarah Nedovic’s Lamp No.27, the Brodware City Stik basin mixer and grazia&co Iva stool.

The landing on the first floor features a marble table designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, a Dinosaur Designs vase and the India Mahdavi Don Giovanni lamp. Hanging on the wall is a photograph by Hiromi Tango.

Cassina 412 Cab Chair

The upstairs living room, which opens onto a garden, features the Jardan Leeroy sofa, Herman Miller Eames lounge chair and ottomanVitra Model C cork side table, a vintage rug from Tigmi, and a vintage B&B Italia coffee table. Sculpture by Korben Flaubert.

Viabizzuno Roy Wall Light
&Tradition Little Petra Lounge Chair

In the primary bedroom, terracotta-coloured Cultiver sheets harmonise with the custom berry-coloured velvet bedhead and blush-pink-coloured bedside table, both designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects. The space also features the Viabizzuno Roy wall light and &Tradition Little Petra armchair.

The cream-toned ensuite features a vintage Japanese shower stool.

The first kids bathroom features the Articolo Fitzi wall sconce and vases by Dinosaur Designs. 

The second kids bathroom features the Bomma Hex glass side table and a vase by Gillian Rhodes.

Downie North collaborated with Emily Simpson Landscape Architecture on the garden, choosing plant species that were indigenous and suited to the local environment. Approaching the front entrance, one gets an immediate sense of the importance of the garden in the building’s design.

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