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Simon de Burbure Architects’ most recent project involved revitalising a timeworn farmhouse in Ghent, now reimagined by the architect as an “oasis of calm.” Having been in the family for several generations, the owner resolved to make the home their permanent residence, insisting upon preserving its rustic charm while giving the interiors a much-needed makeover.

Despite its city location, the home is surrounded by tall leafy trees, enveloping the interiors with a profound sense of tranquillity. “The light filtering through the tree branches creates a beautiful indoor environment as the shadows dance on the textured walls,” architect Simon de Burbure says.

Complementing the textured plaster walls, meticulously crafted by Bruges-based stucco craftsman Aardig Gedacht, the architect opted for a warm oak veneer and dark green natural stone foundation. “In accordance with our practice’s overarching aesthetic, the material palette remains simple yet authentic to support a similar style of living,” Simon says. This discerning restraint echoes throughout the furnishing selections, featuring a thoughtfully curated collection of sculptural pieces that epitomise the firm’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Central to this aspect of the design narrative was the contribution of the Antwerp-based design store and gallery St. Vincents.

Undoubtedly, the pièce de résistance of the project is its sculptural staircase, gracefully ascending to the upper level. Standing in the kitchen looking down the corridor, its sinuous forms intersect with the arched shape of the passageway, creating a captivating interplay of lines. Beyond this threshold, the kitchen utilises the full double height of the roof, optimising space and light.

Double-height pitched roofs nod to the home’s former life as a farmhouse.

Sculptural furniture pieces contrast with the linear forms of the architecture, creating captivating interior environments.

Artisanal rugs by Portugal-based company JOV Rugs feature throughout the home.

The pièce de résistance of the project – the sculptural staircase – gracefully ascends to the upper level.

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