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The kitchen features Pietra di Medici natural stone combined with American walnut and classic onyx, with cabinet doors and kitchen island legs in lacquered high glass.

Characterised by clever detailing in finishes and forms, A Country Villa by Grain Design Office embodies the lightness and sense of calm inherent to the Belgian studio’s design philosophy.

Founded in Belgium by Sander Bullynck and Nick De Moor in 2016, Grain Design Office creates spaces that eschew trends in favour of timelessness. The studio’s latest project, a country villa located in Schilde, Antwerp, embodies that sentiment throughout, carrying with it a sense of lightness and calm inherent to the studio’s design philosophy.

Presented with a stripped interior within a thatched roof country villa, Grain Designoffice approached the project with a sophisticated mix of colours, textures and materials, revealing an alluring and warm space that is functional for family life.

Moving through the space, one instantly feels the harmony linking one room to the next, with subtle pops of colour nestled amongst the neutral hues of honest materials and understated furnishings. With respect to the original layout, the design team were committed to customising functionality to suit the lives of the new homeowners; comprising three floors with a state-of-the-art dressing room, wine cellar, cinema room, gym, and sauna, as well as an outdoor pool house, it seems they’ve done just that.

“The existing family home was completely renovated from its building shell condition into a fascinating property contrasting with the existing architecture,” comments Sander. “It now reveals itself as a sexy kernel in a classic husk,” he says.

Such contrast can also be found in the dialogue between furnishings; a delicate yet bold marriage of colour — forest green featured on the kitchen island and dining room bar cabinetry, alongside a Stygian table and plum-coloured rug and chairs. Natural stones paired with American walnut and classic onyx are juxtaposed by the lacquered cabinet doors, brass objects and soft upholstery, altogether creating a space that is both unified and intriguing in its composition. “Thanks to the rebellious yet delicate mix of colours, textures, materials and design, the interior was given a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’,” muses Sander.

Delicate yet bold colours come together in the dining room, lacquered high glass forest green cabinetry, alongside a Stygian table, plum-coloured rug and chairs and an inbuilt fireplace by Metalfire.

Textural contrast rings true in the way the materials look and feel alongside each other, but also in the way the building’s structure challenges parts of itself from various viewpoints in the home: the thatched roof above smooth, sun-drenched walls and floors, entryways carved out at intersections before opening up to the landscaped exterior. Altogether, it’s an alluring and inviting combination of shapes and surfaces existing as a testament to the Grain Designoffice portfolio of work, characterised by an ability to capture contrast between “roughness and refinement”.

The combination of organic and straight lines, the long lines of sight and the thoughtful personalisation of the home add to its charm in a way that feels like it will be enjoyed and truly lived in by the family for many years to come.

Edra Standard Sofa

The Edra Standard sofa in the living room.

The bedroom features the Baxter Nuvola pendant lamp, introducing a sculptural softness to the space. 

Cassina Dudet Armchair

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