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  • Fusing a layered past with a contemporary take on craft, B3 Residence by AO/JN Interiors combines the restrained simplicity of Scandinavian design with French-inspired detailing and a nomadic sensibility.

    Set within an existing and historic building in the heart of Stockholm, B3 Residence retains connections to its 1896 origins. Familiar with the building and its well-known presence, AO/JN Interiors were keen to bring their own interpretation of time and place to the home while bringing the interior into a place of relevance to its timeless and storied city.

    Michael Anastassiades Tube Chandelier Pendant

    Carl Hansen & Søn CH30P Chair

    Menu Plinth Tall (Rose Marble Calacatta Viola)

    The living space features the Gubi Gravity floor lamp XL.

    GUBI Pacha Lounge Chair

    The living space also features the GUBI Pacha lounge chair.

    B3 Residence unfolds as its own living anthology, weaving threads of historical detailing into a more modern fabric. Stirred by their own curiosity, the AO/JN Interiors team wanted to explore any hidden gems that had had layers added to them over time. As the home to distinguished patrons of the arts, the new revitalisation works needed to ensure an apt canvas for their extensive collection to be displayed at any one time.

    Working with the expansive and generous interior volumes, allowing natural light to fill the everyday experience of the home became a key driver. Emphasising this sense of cocooning from within, a combination of textural and tonally complimentary insertions reinforces the idea of a retreat within an urban and historical outer envelope.

    Unique details such as the intricate stucco flourishes and the retained tiled stove features provide points of interest throughout and act as a reminder of the past. A palette of warm and muted finishes encases the interior as a balance between these moments and a more open and flowing connection. As a respectful nod to the history of the building, B3 Residence retains a handmade quality and through a curated eye, sees AO/JN Interiors compose a home of delicate and lasting resonance.

    A palette of warm and rich timbers creates grounded moments within the generous apartment.

    Opening archways between existing spaces was an important, revealing process, softening the transition between spaces and across thresholds.

    Clear visual access between the living, dining and kitchen spaces further emphasises a sense of scale, allowing natural light to fill all spaces and move delicately throughout the day.

    Flos Snoopy – Black

    Allied Maker Arc Well Sconce 22″

    AO/JN Interiors directors Alexandra Ogonowski and Jesper Nyborg

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