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Cultivating harmony between artistic expression and functionality, Art Scene by Kelly Wearstler reflects the collaborative ethos intrinsic to the studio’s creative process. 

Striking a balance between artistic expression and practicality, this reimagining of a 1940s Los Angeles home by Kelly Weastler showcases a melding of expertise between client and designer. As avid art collectors with exquisite taste and an expert eye for valuable works, the client approached Kelly Wearstler to simultaneously build a home and curate art together. Rather than fitting a design around an existing collection or buying works to fit the scheme, this chosen approach resulted in striking aesthetics within truly liveable spaces for the family of four.

The kitchen floors are oiled and waxed with a forgiving wire-brushed finish. Using two different types of stone for the countertops and window portals offers the space more dimensionality. 

“From the outset, commencing with a blank canvas, our collaboration as client and designer unfolded seamlessly, enabling us to craft the home while curating its artistic elements simultaneously,” Kelly says. “The culmination is a space where art and interiors synergistically amplify each other, fostering an environment where both disciplines are equally impactful,” she adds.

The collision between art and design is most prominent in the living room, where distinct oak wood floors and an amber-tinted silk carpet exist alongside a combination of objects, contemporary artworks and newly reimagined vintage furnishings in complementary copper tones. The mixture of shapes, textures and materials within the space strikes a harmonious chord that feels at once bold, vibrant and soothing.

In the living room, Studio Truly Truly created a cabinet in cedar with wavy lines in resin that echo the movement found in the adjacent abstract painting by Brent Wadden. The cylindrical side table was created by Reinaldo Sanguino.

“A sense of balance and proportion was achieved through a juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage designs and custom works,” Kelly continues. “Every element needed to feel supportive of one another while allowing design focal points to shine. For example, the living room features a custom cedar cabinet by Studio Truly Truly with undulating lines in resin that echo the movement inherent in the adjacent abstract painting by Brent Wadden,” she says.

The primary bedroom, with raised ceiling heights, earthy tones and lush greenery filling the outside view, bring comfort and a dynamic sense of space and movement to the most intimate space in the home. Nearby, the main bathroom uses a faded-rose-coloured Ceppo stone throughout, including for a custom bathtub, that was originally created in a library.

B&B Italia Le Bambole ’07 Sofa

In the billiards room, programming is hidden behind perforated brass panels that conceal a television and bar. A restored 1970s Le Bambole sofa, still manufactured today by B&B Italia, adds soul and is paired with angular brass sconces by Marz Designs and a hanging light by Michael Anastassiades.

Carrying comfort through to the billiards room, the design team incorporated a richer and moodier aesthetic to set the space apart from the rest of the home. Two perforated brass panels conceal the television and bar, creating an atmospheric yet functional space for the family to enjoy. A restored 1970s Le Bambole sofa — still manufactured today by B&B Italia — adds soul and an element of timelessness to the room, and is paired effortlessly with angular brass sconces by Marz Designs, and a hanging light by Michael Anastassiades.

Featuring a monumental rubber sideboard by Brian Thoreen with brass accents, the dining room speaks to the studio’s love of mixology — a common thread in the designer’s portfolio of work. Vintage Belgo Chrome dining chairs surround a Belgian-made custom Bardiglio Nuvolato marble table, atop which sits various vibrant stones and Maat candle holders in steel and brass by SB26.

“Inspired by my client’s appreciation of materiality and texture, I experimented with a spectrum of hues, stone varieties, custom metal work, and fine millwork,” Kelly muses. “The home’s colour palette is meticulously curated, comprising predominantly neutral tones punctuated by moments of colour. Stone emerges as a foundational element of the project’s aesthetic,” she adds.

Selected amongst seven projects for Kelly Wearstler’s recent design book, “Synchronicity”, Art Scene is a home that embodies the overarching theme; a harmonious synergy of diverse individuals converging to craft something uniquely beautiful.

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