Highgate House by House of Grey

  • Driven by the intrinsic health of its inhabitants, the principles underpinning Highgate are founded on heightening the quality of the internal lived experience of the residence. House of Grey conjures a series of spaces that focus on Salutogenic design principles while ensuring a subdued and calm home is created in the process.

    With every inserted and renovated element of the home conceived from a place that acknowledges that design can and should do better, the resulting home acts as a response to that commitment. Located in London’s Highgate, the house combines a familiar and tonal approach with textural layers of considered richness. Through a muted sensibility, a natural state of retreat and respite is created.

    As an expression of their evolution of practice and approach, House of Grey has affirmed their promise to design holistically, and with the health of their clients as the driving force of their design. From the embodied energy of the materiality and its sourcing on both human and ecological life to the finishes and the emitted chemicals found within the typical interior, their aim is to create restorative and healthy environments.

    Salutogenic design gestures underpin the studio’s work, with a focus on structures and environments that make people healthier, through the stripping of harmful elements and improved quality of light and air, and a deliberate connection to the natural.

    From a solid foundation, the initiative stretches to include furniture items and objects that align with those agreed shared principles. While consistent with a warm and embracing palette, each contribution to the home has been selected due to its own conscience. From the use of ebonised oak and blackened ash to improve the air quality through a process of moderating humidity, to the use of cedar used internally in joinery to deter moths and dampness, everything has been considered.

    House of Grey have created Highgate as a template for betterment, beautifully combining a contemporary and warm sensibility with a considered and educated resolve. And with more designers adopting such an approach, future spaces look bright.

    House of Grey commissioned and co-designed the master bed, bedside tables, wardrobe and vanity unit with Sebastian Cox. Bedroom paint is from the House of Grey x Bauwerk collection in Visual Silence.

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  1. I love to look at these interiors to see what style hardware and furniture they put in a home that is full of dark rich color and texture. The textured vessel sink and all marble single sink were 2 great pieces from this collection of interior pictures.
    – Ashley, Altair Design

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