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  • Innovative technology and intelligent design are at the forefront of longstanding family-owned hardware business Hettich, whose passion for elevating the everyday lives of their consumers positions them as a brand to know.

    Headquartered in Kirchlengern, Germany, Hettich is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fittings. Their reputable range of hinges, drawer systems, runner systems, sliding door systems, folding door systems and handles is the result of 135 years of exceptional engineering and visionary entrepreneurship. 

    With 7,400 employees worldwide, the company has head offices and retail offerings on every continent, including Australia. We sat down with Hettich Australia’s national marketing manager Corene De Ninis to get to know the brand – their story, what’s different about their core offering and how they strive to elevate quality of life through their hardware solutions.

    Produced in partnership with Hettich

    The new Hettich South Melbourne showroom | Photography courtesy of Hettich

    Where did the Hettich story begin?

    Corene De Ninis: Hettich’s history spans more than 135 years and is characterised by exceptional engineering and visionary entrepreneurship. Based in the heart of Germany’s furniture industry, East Westphalia-Lippe, we produce “Technik fur Mobel” (technology for furniture), delivering intelligent and innovative furniture fittings to customers worldwide.

    The company values its family-owned approach, prioritising a commitment to maintaining its heritage and values while continuously exploring new opportunities for growth and advancement for its customers.

    What makes your premium hardware cabinetry offering superior to other products?

    Corene De Ninis: Being a family-owned business that values longevity, we understand the significance of investing in long-lasting hardware. We implement thorough quality management processes, from raw materials to finished products, resulting in reliable technology for cabinetry manufacturers and convenient functions for users.

    What do you want customers to experience as part of your new showroom in South Melbourne?

    Corene De Ninis: We are proud to present our products to a diverse audience, including customers, industry figures, designers, architects and more. Our new showroom located in the up-and-coming design hub of South Melbourne helps us do just that, showcasing an extensive collection of Hettich products and displays. The goal of the space is to educate audiences on the beauty and functionality of our products in person, showing first-hand how they can elevate their quality of life.

    How do your products elevate quality of life?

    Corene De Ninis: Hettich’s innovative solutions are an integral part of daily living spaces. From opening doors and drawers seamlessly to creating practical storage systems that elevate the standard way of interacting with a space, Hettich ultimately makes the fundamental functions of furniture possible.

    “Being a family-owned business that values longevity, we understand the significance of investing in long-lasting hardware.”

    This Scandinavian-inspired kitchen design by Zou Build features Hettich AvanTech YOU drawers. | Photography by The Design Villa

    What are some of your most popular products with architects and designers?

    Corene De Ninis: A popular choice among our architects and designers is the AvanTech YOU drawer system, owing to its endless customisation possibilities (especially with the interchangeable panels) and LED lighting option, AvanTech YOU Illumination. This product was recently awarded the prestigious 2022 Archiproducts Design Award at the spectacular historic location of the Visconti Pavilions.

    Another popular choice is Cadro. This aluminium frame system, which can be used either as a wall attachment or a unique table with drawers, always brings the creative ideas of architects and designers to life. The AvanTech YOU drawer or sliding systems can sit perfectly within these frames, showcasing their smooth-running functionality in real-time.

    Then there’s the WingLine L folding door, which has been a top seller for the past 30 years. Its combination of Sensys hinges, aluminium tracks and a top roller system makes it perfect for wardrobes, pantries and offices.

    In the same project by Zou Build, the bathroom features Hettich AvanTech YOU drawers hidden behind a custom-crafted cabinetry panel.

    “Even the most state-of-the-art kitchen can take a toll on your body if it hasn’t been designed intelligently.” Talk us through this – why is intelligent kitchen design important?

    Corene De Ninis: Designing an intelligent kitchen that caters to the homeowner’s specific needs is crucial in creating a functional and efficient space. At Hettich, we understand the importance of ergonomics not only in the office or bedroom but also in the kitchen. That’s why we offer innovative solutions, such as pull-out bins and OrgaTray internal organisation within drawers, to ensure maximum convenience.

    What product releases can we anticipate from Hettich in 2023? 

    Corene De Ninis: Concurring with the debut of our Alfresco Kitchen Collection campaign, February 2023 will mark the launch of our new Quadro Compact runner system, the latest rendition of the existing Quadro collection that offers enhanced protection against corrosion. Quadro Compact is derived from the White goods family of runners, commonly used in refrigerators and built-in ovens, making it an optimal choice for outdoor kitchens. This ties perfectly into the Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen line, which offers a selection of hardware products tailored explicitly for outdoor kitchens that can withstand harsh Australian weather conditions.

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