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  • While the Haymarket in Stockholm might be a new establishment, its interest lies squarely in the past, influenced by both the history of the building and the spirit of the roaring twenties. If this aesthetic seems at odds from what you would expect in a contemporary Scandinavian hotel there’s no need to worry – the hotel’s unique ambiance grabs you its in jazzy, eclectic vibe from the get-go.

    DESIGN Koncept

    Developed by European hotel group Scandic, the hotel’s name refers to the literal translation of ‘hay market’ – a marketplace square that originally characterised the building in the 1600s. While the fruit and vegetable vendors remain a stalwart of Hötorget Square, these days Haymarket is a bustling city district, well-positioned near Stockholm’s core business and shopping spots and Central train station.

    Transformed to a modern 405-room hotel by Stockholm-based architecture and interior design company Koncept, the building weaves together its art deco history with modern features. Original art deco details such as the patterned floors, curved stairway rails and the entrance’s gallery-like layout are contrasted with custom-designed features by Koncept and Scandinavian furniture from contemporary designers like Sika Design, &Tradition, Rubn and Gubi. The rooms carry this balance most visibly, with their Wes Anderson-esque colour palettes and ornate details juxtaposed with brass and velvet elements, wicker and Flamingo iconography. One thing’s for sure – this is not another subdued ‘Scandi style’ outpost.

    The design’s playful tussle between serious and silly, classy and irreverent continues to play out through the hotel’s common spaces including the three dining joints. Main restaurant Paul’s is an American brassiere with warm, gentlemanly tones and decadent meals to indulge in, while cafe Greta’s (named for one of Sweden’s most famous exports, Greta Garbo, who used to work in the building) serves up healthy, environmentally-friendly food in a light-filled, pastel space that spills out to the cobblestone square outside. For those looking for something stronger in aesthetic and ingredients, Americain is a cocktail bar with a Caribbean touch.

    Through revitalising a classic building for a new purpose, Haymarket is distinctive in the Stockholm hotel scene and within the local city landscape. Overall, the hotel’s unbridled joy for its history reflects more than sheer homage to the roaring twenties – it reignites this design style for a new generation, uniting styles and materials of decades past with a fresh and playful sensibility.

    The hotel embraces a concept of ‘the good old days’ for a new generation, whether it be through the vibrant decor of the communal spaces, the tactile features of the suites or the concierge’s little black book that should get you anywhere worth going in town. We say why not embrace the ‘roaring twenties’ lifestyle for a memorable Stockholm stay.

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