Harper Avenue Home

  • We came across Los Angeles based designer Wendy Haworth’s home on One King’s Lane and instantly became enthralled in discovering the designers hidden treasures in her Harper Avenue home. Haworth’s 1920’s rental apartment is rumoured to have once been Marilyn Monroe’s home (she lived in the building and it’s thought that this was her actual apartment) and shares much historical significance for both its past inhabitants and its architectural details.

    DESIGN Wendy Haworth | PHOTOGRAPHY Nicole LaMotte

    Specializing in residential and commercial interiors and product design, Haworth and her team offer a full service for their clients starting from design consultation, spatial planning, custom furniture design, and branding services. Creating custom interiors with a collected feel that reflect the personality of her client, Haworth travels the globe to seek out furniture and accessories in order to create a truly unique and individual style for each clients homes.

    As her own apartment is a rental, naturally the designer has not been inclined to carry out any major renovations – instead opting to ‘fix’ a few things such as changing the kitchen hardware, adding in shelving and painting a few walls. The kitchen has been painted in black chalkboard paint with guests encouraged to leave their mark should they feel the urge to get creative.

     “I don’t really ‘decorate’ so much as collect—or acquire—then arrange”. Wendy Haworth.

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