Home Tour | Hamptons House by Monica Fried Design and Thomas Heine Architect

  • Reflecting an air of effortless cool and envy that Amagansett has in spades, Hamptons House sees the insertion of a contemporary home within its removed setting. Monica Fried Design and Thomas Heine Architect create a home openly connected to the landscape while remaining familiar and grounded in place.

    As an offering to sit among the existing and recognisable sight of timber shingled homes, Hamptons House borrows a similar warmth as its predecessors in its applied materiality and refreshing lightness. Intended as the weekend and holiday home for its New York City-based owners, the spaces echo a casual and calm retreat – a setting further reinforced by the surrounding woodland greenery.

    Layers of transparency ensure a visual openness within and looking out, while timber adds a warming inner layer to the spaces. This space features the Konekt Small Armor Pendant 5, Stahl + Band Loc Chair and Resident Kashmir Barstool.

    Located within walking distance to the beach, the advantageously positioned residence replaced an existing building that had been left to ill repair on the site. While a distinct variance exists between the more traditional style homes in the area and Hampton House, the approach reinterprets a similar coming together of natural finishes and directed openings to take full advantage of the location.

    Set between the amenity of the main town and the openness of the ocean, the overall formal approach reflects elements influenced by both. The light palette and tones capture the ever-moving water and subtly shifted sand colours. At the same time, the proportions and silhouette remain respectful to the existing and established rhythm of the streetscape.

    Light permeates the outer edges of the home, establishing a clear connection between inside and out.

    Combining seven bedrooms, a full basement and a separate pool house, the modern interpretation of the Amagansett home sits as a generous revision. Wrapping around the outdoor pool as a key focal point, the spaces come together in an L-shaped formation. Optimising views and enhancing visual reminders of the removed nature of the home, extensive glazing ensures a constant connection between inside and out.

    The careful consideration of every element in the home is expressed through both the custom joinery and furniture throughout and the material curation that binds the spaces together. Anchoring the home, the use of timber refers to the surrounding landscape inward, while its pared-down nature elevates its use, allowing the natural stone to create curious moments throughout. As an aligned pair, Monica Fried Design and Thomas Heine Architect ensure a continued legacy for the owners in the area.

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