Guest House by Charlotte Vercruysse

  • Reimagining an existing structure, Guest House embodies a refined and contemporary sensibility. Belgium-based interior architect Charlotte Vercruysse layers darkened and mood-enhancing elements to create a place to disconnect for its owners, focused outwardly on the water feature and landscape beyond.

    In its concealed location on the outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium, Guest House becomes a sanctuary of its own making and a place to bring people together. Both as a place to retreat and connect with the garden and as a place of focus for work, the spaces emphasise a sense of separation. The embedded warmth throughout then deepens the assembly of its new layers, cocooning the occupants.

    The living spaces are designed to be a place to disconnect, while the use of rich materials adds depth to the interior.

    The living room features custom wall lights by PSLab, and two sets of vintage chairs from Morentz – the white easy chairs by Norman Bel Geddes and the navy easy chairs designed by Martin Eisler and Carlo Hauner.

    The dining space features the ESPASSO Cantu dining chairs, Bulo Cintrée dining table and custom pendant light by PSLab.

    The Baxter Bourgeois table, Miyazaki No 42 chairs and Apparatus High Wire pendant.

    Belgian Bleu stone from Van Den Weghe and Vola tapware in brushed nickel in the powder room.

    The combination of a contemporary openness with familiar, classic proportions ensures the Guest House feels like an extension of the main house, yet with its own nuances. The deep timber and brass tones reflect a Belgian sensibility, further adding to a story of place. The result sees interesting tactile points of engagement implemented throughout the house.

    Clad in a darkened timber, large openings allow the landscape to feel like part of the interior, framed from within. The extensive glazing ensures the changing seasons are always felt and reinforces a sense of immersion within the garden space while also encouraging an overriding calm. The palette is one of muted tones, yet with a binding warmth, where colour is added in select moments.

    Spread over two levels, the entry is marked by a sculptural staircase that indicates the point of transition between the levels. While the living level is more open and connected, the upper level houses the guest rooms and has a more modest approach. A palette of white plastered walls and smaller window openings create a more intimate setting and a sense of removal from below.

    A key theme throughout Guest House is a connection to craft and a celebration of the handmade. Charlotte Vercruysse has brought both rich tones and a tactile appreciation of considered detailing to create a home of resonating composure. Through this emphasis on warmth, the spaces feel grounded in the surrounding garden.

    The outdoor dining area allows immersion in the lush surrounding landscape.

    “I aim to design serene and carefully curated spaces that stand the test of time. They’re functional and human-centric. Here, subtle material palettes and muted tones are balanced with carefully selected furnishing and lighting.”


    – Charlotte Vercruysse

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