Grandmothers House By RVR Architects

  • Height, white and light are the three words we’d use to describe the outcome of this renovation by Spanish firm RVR Architects. A family home for generations, Maria Valladares and her husband’s property now sees its years doubled in life thanks to its revitalising new reinvention.

    DESIGN RVR Architects

    Located in Italy, this home embodies Italianate country serenity with views and design to match. The exterior communicates understated modern values with an emphasis on simplicity, not dissimilar to the exterior architecture of a recent home we covered by FGR architects. A sliding glass front door welcomes guests honestly and openly to what’s inside.

    Zinc white walls combined with dark trimmings and light wooden features create a rustic overall impression. Natural and untreated textures throughout the home go to further emphasize this as we move along from room to room. Neutral colorways and generous amounts of sunlight bring open the space of the home, creating visual and spatial room.

    Furnished simply with classic and stylish pieces, touches of greenery in the bedroom and living areas inject joy and liveliness creating a break between the monochromatic interior. Nature is the guiding force for this home when we consider the materiality in depth. Exposed stone walls, raw wood and wooden planked ceilings come together to create a true country styled cabin.

    Joisted ceilings in the kitchen and dining area provide an un-pretentious and cozy space for wining and dining, overlooking the horizon of hills and trees which continue beyond. Marble countertops alit by bronze lighting fixtures create the perfect culinary preparation set up. This home is a true escape for this lucky family. We couldn’t imagine a better heirloom to call our own.

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