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  • We journey across the globe to scout out inspiring locations that set the scene for Abode‘s thoughtfully produced bedlinen collections. 

    Founded in 1991 by Robert Adair, Abode’s rich history is steeped in local traditions and teamwork which play a key role in their focus on designing, manufacturing, and developing locally in Melbourne.

    Adairs is a recognisable Australian name; it was Robert Adair’s family who first opened their synonymous haberdashery on Chapel Street in the 1900s and this legacy continues through Abode today. Galvanised by a common vision to create world-class, quality products in Melbourne, every collection under the Abode brand is thoughtfully produced in small volumes to avoid waste and to ensure each product exceeds its standard of quality.

    Setting them apart from the rest, Abode’s curated collections are informed by a global outlook. The Abode design team take influence from the rich tapestries informing popular holiday destinations across the world. Absorbing references for textures and patterns, as well as colour inspiration, the Abode team work to imbue each collection with a spirit that channels relaxation and escapism and is reminiscent of a unique time and place.

    We travel across the world through four wanderlust destinations to discover the local craftspeople and traditional materials that influence our experience, and how it’s reflected in Abode’s globally-inspired bedlinen.

    Produced in partnership with Abode

    Tulum, Mexico

    Mexico-based architects Co-Lab Design Office are known for creating meaningful spaces that speak to their surroundings. Their Tulum Treehouse project goes one step further, blending into its jungle surroundings and perfectly in tune with its coastal ‘cool factor’.

    Artisanal textiles and handcrafted ceramics punctuate a palette of lush greens, sandy hues and raw timber tones. Co-Lab Design Office commissioned local artisans to craft bespoke furnishings that pay homage to the community and highlight how this property both absorbs and reflects its unique, geographical location. As a result, Tulum Treehouse is conscious of its surroundings while providing a serene and luxurious escape from the outside world.

    Like the Tulum Treehouse, the Tulum Collection by Abode is an apt reflection of ethical, thoughtful design. The rippled design of the cotton fabric reflects the calming and restorative nature of the sea. At the same time, the earthy palette conjures long days spent between the Mexican jungle and the white sands of the neighbouring beaches.

    Kos Quilt Cover Abode Living

    Kos, Greece

    Casa Cook Kos, located on the small Dodecanese island of Kos in the South-eastern Aegean Sea, highlights how best to blend sophistication with a rustic aesthetic. Designers Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger’s signature bohemian style is written all over this boutique destination. Modelled on traditional Greek island architecture, the one and two-storey houses of the hotel are cubist, contemporary and minimalist – a style mirrored in the interior’s clean-lined furniture.

    The bedroom spaces perfectly capture the laid-back spirit of the island of Kos with the creative use of textural Moroccan tones featuring raw, natural materials and earthy hues. Yet, while things are kept rustic and relaxed, an undercurrent of mid-century design ensures the private living quarters remain contemporary.

    Composed of pure linen milled in Europe, Abode’s Kos Collection embodies the lived-in feel of the Greek islands and reflects a distinctly Grecian coastal style of bedding. Featuring a rustic, nautical-inspired stripe and natural colourways, the Kos Collection reflects the calming influence of the surrounding Aegean sea. 

    Umbria, Italy

    On a quest for balance and Bellissima, an ancient Italian hamlet informed this Villa masterpiece by Swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jérôme de Meuron in the Marche region of Italy, which neighbours Umbria. Villa Olivi’s tranquil surroundings are set within the rolling green Italian ‘campagna’ and crisp, blue Italian skies which together, evoke a sense of grounding calm.

    The private bedroom sanctuary of this home makes a strong statement for locally sourced stonework, exposed timber beams and relaxed linens, which inspire a robust, relaxed, and warm Italian aesthetic.

    Influenced by the rich narrative of this villa, Abode has drawn on these Italian countryside cues to inform their Umbria Collection. Crafted from pure linen fibres sourced in Europe, the Abode Umbria Collection is woven by Italy’s finest millers for a lasting finish that softens with every use. Channelling the character of an Italian villa, the fabric features a distinctive striped design for texture and timeless charm.

    Santorini Quilt Cover Abode Living
    Santorini Quilt Cover Abode Living

    Santorini, Greece

    Hotel Istoria on the Greek island of Santorini looked to its storied past and natural surroundings for design cues. Inspired by traditional Mediterranean values and the idea of ‘slow living’, the team at Laboratorium have instilled this Greek island’s soul throughout this bespoke destination.

    Locally-sourced materials such as white plaster, terracotta, black sand and volcanic stone inform the unique connection behind this hotel’s location, which flows seamlessly through to the private quarters. A calming mood in the bedroom has been achieved through artisanal and handcrafted elements, from the stone columns, curved archways and rendered walls, to the woven baskets, pottery and mosaic-tiled floors. Drawing on these artisanal elements, Abode’s Santorini Collection is crafted from a traditional white seersucker fabric and given a soft, rippled stripe that offers a luxurious tactility and classical beauty.

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