Glen Osmond Residence by Williams Burton Leopardi

  • Through minimal intervention and a minor increase in footprint, Williams Burton Leopardi’s Glen Osmond home sees a reorientation of internal spaces in order to optimise its large and leafy setting.

    Set in one of Adelaide’s eastern suburbs of the same name, Glen Osmond is the reinvention of an existing impressive heritage home. Paying respect to its past while injecting a contemporary sophistication, Williams Burton Leopardi’s signature aesthetic is one of timelessness and one with which their approach to design and space is brushed with a sense of confident refinement. It’s clear to us that this stately home is no different.

    Home to a family of seven; Glen Osmond Residence has undergone significant alterations and substantial reconfigurations. Set on a large and densely planted site, optimising each of the internal aspects was a key consideration. Through transforming the octagonal shaped rooms into square formations and by removing irrelevant verandas and balconies, the rear of the site was opened up to welcome an abundance of natural light inwards.

    The perception of space in this home has been the biggest change thorugh thorough re-planning measures by Williams Burton Leopardi. Together with raising ceiling heights and the integration of full-height glazing, the house has been fully transformed providing new opportunities to engage with it’s surrounding landscaping and maximising the sweeping city views beyond.

    These larger structural developments work in beautifully with a restrained palette. Featuring hues of warm whites and oak combined with aged bronze and black steel -speaks fluently to the contemporary new design.

    Glen Osmond is the embodiment of a well-versed renovation that encompasses a multi-generational attitude as well as clever integration of across a number of architectural eras. Through a contemporary lens, Williams Burton Leopardi brings a sense of the classical and timeless to an existing home, which in turn, has created an opportunity for one big family to continue celebrating the lifeline of the original heritage home.

    The renovation offers a nod to the home’s past while responding to its current owner’s large family and all the while, catering to a refined sense of materiality, space and integration between the inside and out.

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