Authentic and honest, the long-standing geode aesthetic has officially moved onto larger surfaces. Describing an aesthetic that is both irregular and rough, handworked and weathered; the raw aesthetic claims our senses beyond just the visual. Textured slabs of stone demand our touch, raw timbers exude a soft scent and patinated brass has a warmth that only comes with age.

Take b.e architecture’s timeless exploration of granite in their Armadale project as case in point. Rather than highly finished and glossy, b.e architecture has taken 260 tons of granite and transformed it into a delicate backdrop made for modern living (read the full article in Issue 27)

Regardless of the raw materials origin, stone has been a favoured building material since, well, the dawn of time. However, with recent advancements in quarrying and an increasing appeal for ‘greener buildings’ natural stone has fast become a go-to material. Below, we celebrate b.e architecture’s minimalist bathroom that embraces the real and the raw but also considers the luxurious.

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Set in Stone House by b.e architecture | est living

Granite stone

For a truly raw aesthetic with integrity and longevity, we turn to the humble granite stone. Clean and simple (yet oh-so-luxurious) we can’t get enough of the tactile appearance of this Viscount White Granite version available at CDK Stone.

CDK Granite Viscount White
Pinch Basin Rogerseller Est living

Burnished Brass Basin Set

Pure gold. Showcasing a minimalist sophistication and quality, the Burnished Brass Basin Set from Pinch (at Rogerseller) will develop a beautiful and unique patina as it ages.

Engineered Stone Bath

The aptly named ‘Haven’ Bath by Apaiser is a curvaceously engineered stone bath that provides the perfect place to soak away the day. Available from Rogerseller.

Bath Towel In the Sac

In The Sac- Bath Towel

Did you know that linen is a natural fibre from the stalk of a flax plant? Offering an unparalleled softness, durability and absorbency this sumptuous jacquard linen from In The Sac is grown, woven and sewn in Europe.

Fibonacci Terrazzo Tiles

When it comes to terrazzo, history suggests we trust the Italians. Made by mixing marble, granite, quartz or glass chips into a cement or binder, Terrazzo is a durable, cost-effective and sustainable material that comes in a huge variety of colours and combinations. We can’t go past these Fibonacci Terrazzo Tiles.

Den Holm Sculpture

Den Holm sculpture

Steven John Clark is the talent behind Den Holm; a stone mason and artist living in Melbourne, Clark’s creations are a contemporary mix of art and furniture with a strong focus on both texture and form. We dare you to try choosing just one…

Japanese Maple Trees

For a burst of greenery, a secluded Japanese garden provides the perfect compliment to an interior of raw aesthetic. We’ve looked to b.e architecture’s simple, zen-like landscaping using these lush yet refined Japanese Maple Trees.

est living  interiors b.e architecture Armadale image 02
Delta Spy Trimless by Inlite

Delta Spy Trimless Downlights

Here’s a highlight for any bathroom. The Spy Trimless downlight from Inlite is a real winner when it comes to illuminating the traces of quartz found in those huge slabs of granite.

Byredo Candle

Set the mood with this handmade in France, mouth-blown glass, scented candle. The epitome of luxury Byredo’s Ambre Japonais is infused with notes of coriander seed, black pepper, sandalwood, sesame, bourbon and vanilla for a spicy, comforting aroma that will envelop the whole bathroom.



Byredo Ambre Japonais 1

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  • can you tell me where the bath in the picture set in stone at top of this page comes from? Love the mag

  • Hi Anne, thanks for your kind words! It is a custom stone bath designed by the architects, b.e architecture. You could try getting in touch with them to request supplier details? Thanks!

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