Genovese Coffee House by Alexander &CO.

  • Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.

    A portal into Italy; Alexander &CO.’s latest hospitality venture, Genovese Coffee House, leaves a mark on the Sydney coffee scene. 

    In Sydney’s Alexandria, an ex-industrial building enters a new era as Genovese Coffee House, a multifunctional hospitality space infused with Italian charm. Sydney-based interior design studio Alexander &CO. pay tribute to the venue’s rich and storied past while simultaneously situating it in the present. With references to both mid-century design and the site’s industrial heritage, the Coffee House is well on track to becoming a new local favourite.

    The Genovese family first came to Australia from Italy in 1950, arriving in Perth, then relocating to Sydney. There, Alfio Genovese began importing and distributing Italian foods, which soon expanded to roasting coffee in Melbourne. However, it wasn’t until 1970 that Alfio decided to roast coffee that resembled the authentic Italian style that he knew and loved. And so, A. Genovese & Sons was born, its mission being to provide the Australian market with an authentic Italian coffee experience – a mission that still burns bright today.

    After operating primarily out of Melbourne’s northern suburbs, the company was looking to try something new. Genovese Coffee House is that ‘something new’; tied still to something very old. The new venue sees the vision and rich memories of a third-generation family member, Adam Genovese, come to life.  From its early days as a small roasting factory on Melbourne’s Lygon Street to now, a cafe in one of Sydney’s trendiest neighbourhoods, the company has come a long way since Alfio laid those first foundations.

    “The design behind this project has been shaped as a space to enjoy an honest, Italian espresso coffee experience.”


    – Jeremy Bull

    Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.

    Imagined as a multifunctional space, the Coffee House includes a sit-down cafe, a traditional espresso bar, a cold brew and training bar, the ‘family table’ and various retail displays. You can sip on a macchiato at the espresso bar, grab a breakfast panini in the cafe, or browse Genovese’s range of delicious blends. And if that doesn’t entice you, the space itself certainly will.

    “The creative narrative was developed as a result of combining the building’s historic industrial past and location, with a brand positioning which brings Genovese Coffee into Sydney with its first retail offering,” Alexander &CO. director Jeremy Bull says. The shapes, materials and planning of the space were all influenced by the stories and histories of the Genovese family, as well as their ecological and cultural visions of the future. The final design celebrates the life of the building and the life and ongoing legacy of the Genovese family.

    The material palette features warm, earthy tones, with accents of burgundy and orange. The atmosphere evoked by these materials is refined yet relaxing; the perfect place to sit and unwind. Moreover, the varying textures – smooth timber, raw linen, course brick – play on the venue’s humble Italian heritage.

    Since 1970, the Genovese family have shared their undying passion for true Italian-style coffee. Genovese Coffee House marks the next chapter in the family’s story, one that we can’t wait to keep reading.  

    Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.
    Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.

    Concrete bench slabs are supported by reclaimed timber and adorned in stone-coloured linen.

    Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.

    Sustainable features such as repurposed bathroom sinks and materials help reduce the building’s ecological load.

    Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.

    The cafe space draws similarities to traditional Italian diners, with cushioned seats and cane-bistro chairs.

    Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.
    Genovese Coffee House by Alexander & Co.

    The traditional Italian shop-front elegantly sets the tone for the rest of the space.

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