Foxs Den by Georgina Jeffries

  • Inspired by the owner’s love of entertaining, Foxs Den is a celebration of the importance of the home as a gravitating pull that brings us together. Georgina Jeffries combines a palette of subtle texture to bring layers of richness and curiosity throughout – creating the perfect backdrop for family musings.

    Enviably located in Melbourne’s leafy inner-urban enclave of Armadale, Foxs Den sees the renovation of an existing home. The original structure and heritage framework sat beautifully within its adjacent neighbouring homes of the same era and style but needed a refresh.

    Through close consultation with the client, to understand how they use their home, what they value and their key priorities, Georgina Jeffries was able to propose a home of muted warmth and a refined sense of luxury.

    The living room features the ST04 Backenzahn Stool designed by Philipp Mainzer for e15 and the Gräshoppa Floorlamp, designed by Greta M. Grossman for Gubi.

    Through a restrained approach, the soft tones of the materials bring together a collection of varying greys and whites, warmed subtly with natural elements. There is a deliberate and curated use of brass to frame and add a nod to the metalwork of the home’s past. The warm timber accents sit next to the cooler natural stone, reinforcing a sense of balance.

    The existing and new elements all intertwine effortlessly and open the home up to its generous and inviting rear garden setting. By referencing the original home’s proportions, extended heights in the new elements enhance the feeling of grandeur and open up the home further. This extension creates physical ease of movement and transition between the old and new.

    The master bathroom features the brass Yokato Wall Set by Brodware, accompanied by the Frama Apothecary Hand Wash.

    Core to the renovation was injecting of a sense of flow throughout, which was achieved through echoing the intended movement throughout. Foxs Den is the result of carefully interpreting the way in which the home is to be used and then re-creating a series of spaces that react and respond accordingly.

    Georgina Jeffries combines crafted and refined elements to enhance the owner’s existing admirable art collection and provide foundations for the family to build upon, over time. Through deep-seated respect for the home and its origin, the re-design, reconfiguration and renovation works of Foxs Den sees the stage aptly set for its timeless and well-honed future.

    The brass Yokato Wall Set by Brodware repeats itself in the second bathroom.

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