Four European Bathroom Brands to Know

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  • Harnessing long-founded relationships with time-proven and pioneering brands across Europe, we take a closer look at four premium bathroom brands that Rogerseller champion.

    As an extension of their own brand, Rogerseller’s ethos promises integrity and continual innovation, where quality and a clear dedication to craft are integral to the core of their business, and Rogerseller’s partner bathroom brands reinforce these key values. Join us as we explore the latest bathroom collections from Claybrook, Falper, Catalano and Fantini where design, style, creativity, quality and European craftsmanship join all these brands together to inform enduring and timeless bathroom spaces.

    Catalano Brand:

    Capturing a passion for superior quality and process, the Catalano brand showcases the Cataglaze+ antibacterial glazing technique and precision manufacturing facilities. The collection sees considered design elements that speak to a modern aesthetic, but also to timeless palette that will extend beyond its years. With a quarter of Catalano’s power used in the making of its products, generated from solar, the emphasis for Catalano is firmly placed on reducing its footprint and lowering its impact.

    Together with the closed-loop water recycling system and the utilization of raw and pure materials in production, the resulting risk of toxicity (a major and overlooked aspect of the making process) is eliminated. Additionally, Cataglaze+ offers a superior glazing technique, ensuring a perfectly smooth finish, ensuring retention of brightness. Through the use of automation, efficiency of energy and resourcing is captured, while the latest generation robotics allows for the highest precision. The Catalano bathroom brand not only offers innovation and quality through a sustainable lens, but also speaks to an enduring and sophisticated look.

    Catalano | Zero 60mm x 50mm.

    Claybrook Brand:

    Employing their inherent influence of re-using and recycling, the Claybrook brand is built on principles that are embedded in sustainability and complete control over the manufacturing process. Having engineered their own MarbleForm, Claybrook bathware sees the by-product of their mosaic tile business re-purposed and restructured into new pieces. The manufacturing process is emission-free, low impact and utilizes environmentally sustainable products, materials and manufacturing methods which completes the process.

    This complete control over the manufacture, production and finishing process allows for a completion of the process cycle to occur under the watchful hand of the brand. Each piece is hand finished, with the one artisan working on the piece from beginning to end, where a three-day polishing process and an embedded chip ensures the quality and authenticity of each piece. The Claybrook brand combines innovation, quality and an impassioned approach to making.

    Claybrook | Orbit Bath and Basin.

    Claybrook | Ellipse Bath 1800mm and Mini Ellipse Bench Mount Basin.

    Falper Brand:

    Core to the development of the Falper brand is the close collaboration with designers, architects and artisans whose own personality and unique identity are ensconced into each resulting item. This engagement with talented craftspeople has resulted in products that are imbued with a passion for design and offers elements which are hand-sanded and hand-finished, where each piece is continually tested and re-tested by hand, to maintain a consistent quality and finish.

    The Falper brand also sees an emphasis on real, natural materials including their use of ecologically certified timber and  timber finishes which are water-based or utilize natural oils and wax. Additionally, Falper recycle their manufacturing waste and incorpoarte the application fo Ceramilux and Cristalplant, which ensures the same consciousness that is devoted to the design, carries over into the making process. The Falper brand embodies the coming together of innovation and consciousness, without compromise.

    Falper | Lancetta Freestanding 1900 Bath

    Falper | Eccentrico Freestanding Basin and Tapware.

    Falper | Wave Basin and Tapware.

    Crema Handtowel Købn
    Lavamani Wall Hung Basin Falper Rogerseller

    Fantini Brand:

    Built on a passion for water which is derived from its Lake Orta location, Fantini’s bathroom brand are the product of its surroundings. The collection is founded on seventy years of unchanged family values, which capture the natural beauty it is wrapped in. Having started in 1947, the family business stands on pillars of honesty, a sense of duty, respect and fairness, and the resulting collection reveals a representation of this, where quality is prized over quantity.

    The Fantini brand brings a careful and acquired attention to detail, where an ambition for quality has always shadowed ideas of growth and mass acquisition. Their investment in innovation and pushing boundaries, from a manufacturing and design perspective, allows for a conquering of engineering limitations for each product to be design-led. The resulting bathroom products showcases a dedication to craft, process and precision and a true celebration of what inspired the brand; water.

    Fantini | Fukasawa Shower Mixer.

    Fantini | Venezia Wall Mount Basin set with Block Handles.

    Venezia Hob Mount Basin Set Rogerseller
    Black and White Weave Hand Towel Loom Towels

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