Five Era-Defining Pieces | Vincent Van Duysen

Atelier dining table by Vincent Van Duysen for Zara Home | Photography Francois Halard

In The 50th Issue of est magazine, we asked ten of the world’s most in-demand architects and designers to share their five era-defining products.

Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen was one such architect. Alongside his namesake studio, Vincent has distilled ‘the art of living’ for more than 30 years. The intuitive architect has accumulated a vast body of work, appointed as creative director of Italian brand Molteni&C in 2016.

Vincent resonates with the design of the leather and oak Jean-Michel Frank chair re-edited by Hermès. “I’m a big fan of Frank’s,” he says. “I like the fact that the object is reduced to essential design with an ergonomic backrest and beautiful Hermès leather seat cushion.”

The architect lists his Atelier table for Zara Home as an era- defining piece for its pure, robust form and the Paul sofa he designed for Molteni&C for its interplay with large, loose cushions. “I revisited the classic, archetypical sofa in a slim and ergonomic way,” Vincent adds. The Daphine floor lamp by Lumina is a hallmark of the designer’s residential projects, “disappearing in space yet very performant,” he says.

Designed by Pierre Chapo, Vincent admires the B17C library for “the honest way the shelves are placed on the vertical wall elements; all made of wood; pure yet sculptural.”

Vincent Van Duysen | Photography Piet-Albert Goethals

Jean Michel Frank chair re-edited by Hermès

Daphine Terra Led
B17C Library

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